Group Forum: How many times have you lost the 100 pounds and regained it? What is different this time?

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Muffin 1

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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 10:47
This time is different because, unlike the other 3 times, I realize I don't have infinite time left to accomplish this. My husband is living with cancer and he wants me to dance with him. He told me he needs to know that I will be ok. I need both knees replaced so I can walk again (I am in a wheelchair most of the time. I'm only 58 years old.
It's important to me to squeeze every last bit of life out of life. I want to create good memories. I don't want to create regrets. The fast food, foods that contain flour and sugar, the "taste good for a moment" refined foods.....they can only help create regret and self loathing. For me, they lead to death. Spiritually, mentally, & physically....they lead to death.
Today is a new day. Today is filled with hope and opportunity. Today, I choose life.
Here's to a great week of weight loss,
Cindy (aka Muffin)