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Posted: 02 Jan 2013, 11:31
Found fatsecret by searching for calories in a large egg. I have not been happy with food tracker programs I tried earlier.

I liked the crisp clean look of the page presented and decided to register to see the data entry aspect. Very impressed. This is my new food tracking home. I also like the groups.

I have been dieting since June 2008 with weight fluctuation between 277 and 383 pounds. I am somewhere in the 370's right now.

Initial goal is to get under 308lbs. I am a powerlifter (Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift)competitor. Getting below 308 takes me out of the super heavy weight division. Long term goal would be to get under 275. I have dieted down fairly easily into the 290's before. Then I started powerlifting. Going to put powerlifting on hold for awhile to lose this weight.