Group Forum: Suggestions for dealing with an upcoming birthday?

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Posted: 23 Feb 2012, 11:40
I'm in the early stages of losing anywhere from 150-175 lbs (down 17 today), but I have a birthday coming up on Monday, and there will be a cake. I don't want to be rude to my family, but, I've really stopped eating all those kinds of things. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this situation? I'll be going out for lunch several times in the coming days, but I check the menu before I arrive.

Appreciate the help!

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Posted: 23 Feb 2012, 15:05
I also have this situation to deal with. I am just starting back and need to lose 140lbs myself. I am doing a low calorie, low carb, low sugar diet plan and I will not be able to eat those things either. Your family and friends will understand, just let them know how focused you are and how much it means to you to stay on track. If they can avoid bringing a cake at all that would be best, that is what I have suggested with my family and they are happy to comply. I'm sure yours would do the same. If there is cake and you are tempted just try and keep yourself busy with a family memeber or friend in conversation. Its usually when we are bored that we give in to our temptations. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Posted: 24 Feb 2012, 06:51
I had similar situations at Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. Many of the prepared items were certainly not on my food plan but some where. It was totally unrealistic to expect everyone else to change the way they celebrated the holidays; after all I was the one on a diet, not them. I had to take contol of my eating, period!

I found that simply by being aware of what I was eating helped me a lot. I also found that if my food plan is so strict it cannot tolerate a day of deviation it is a food plan that cannot succeed.

Bottom line is I had cheese ball, I had meatballs, I had pie, I had whatever I wanted. I did however find that by being aware of what I had I did not have quite as much as I would have had in a previous life. I was also terrified to enter it here, but I did as soon as possible after I ate it. This did help me make knoweledgable choices.

I tracked what I had as close as possible and my caloies were quite high that day; I was aiming for 2000; those days I had ~2700ish. But when weigh day came I still lost weight.

The truth be known, deviation for one day is not going to hurt you, deviation for many days will. Don't beat yourself up over it if you have a day where you eat more, rather you should expect it. You'll be happier and still lose. Think long term, not short term.