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Announcement: September Group Challenge
One of our members brought up the idea of a group challenge I think this is a fantastic idea. But lets start small and work our way up! September's challenge: ~ walking 15 minutes, 5 days a week ...
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started by Cyrillia.   
Sticky: Introductions
Use this post to introduce yourself to all of the other members of the group. The more you share with us, the better you'll feel! Cy :)
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Sticky: Penpal Partners
Diet buddy, penpals with a common interest, call it what you want but I think it would be a good idea to have the option for people to partner up. There's been so many times I've needed to talk ...
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Sticky: Status
I want to see how everyone is doing. Are we succesfully balancing input and output? Are we getting enough support? Let us know how you're doing here
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New Member
I am new to the group and need to loose about 140 lbs. Looking for encouragement in Mesa, AZ ... Have an extremely healthy and good looking husband. He is supportive, but doesn't realize the do ...
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started by mdavignon, 4 months ago.   
it's all perspective
Funny how a 0.5 lb gain can ruin your day and a 0.5 lb loss makes you feel like a MILLION BUCKS! It's all perspective, friends! In the past,after several weeks of good losses I would "treat" ...
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started by gigi1960, 7 months ago.   
New Member
I've just joined your group and want to introduce myself. I'm 61 years old and in the past two years managed to lose 185 lbs and gain 85 lbs back in the past 7 months. Comes back on a lot easier ...
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Up the Mountain
Today starts my uphill journey to lose 100+ lbs. I need to do this as it was my grandmothers dying wish. Just to see her little granddaughter get healthier. Wish me luck :)
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started by Stephanie M. S., 11 months ago.   
New to FS and have over 100 lbs to lose.
I have been looking on all the groups and many of the over 100 lb groups seem to have old post or a lot of unactivated members..maybe I am wrong..I hope to be on this site and successful. I know its a ...
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started by grammycrm, 2 years ago.   
New to the Club!
Hi everyone! I'm Trish from South Texas! I am 32 years old and I weigh approximately 221lbs. This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life. And I'm 5'1 - so my ideal goal weight is 12 ...
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Joined today
I'm 67 and have grown to 140# overweight! Time to lose was twenty yewrs ago, but better late than never. I've lost 8 pounds the first week and I am determined to lose weight. My goal is to be at ...
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New Member
Hi, my name is Willie. I've been on Fatsecret since April of this year. My start weight was 391 and my current weight is 320 for a loss of 71 lbs. Between the weight loss and the exercising, I have ...
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Am I alone?
in that calorie restrictions just aren't that tough to me. My name is Kate, I'm 23, I weigh 306lbs. The last time I dieted, I lost too much too fast and was forced to stop by intervention. (I ...
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Been there done this before uh
Hello everyone I am a 34 year old stay at home mom to 5 kids. I lost 100 pounds in a year after my 3rd child, well I got pregnant with #4 then had #5 2 years after that and well I have gained all my w ...
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help next day starving
any tips on how to deal with the next day starvings?? I find that if I go realy hard like a 5km jog or a 9km hill walk the next day I am starving all day. I am trying to make good choices but it doesnt ...
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started by tamzin79.