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I think the goal weight i set for myself might be a little low, When i look in the mirror i feel like maybe 110 might be enough to feel comfortable for summer. :d
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started by kiera122, a week ago.   
Any tips?
I'm trying to get down to 95lbs. Does anybody have some decent weight loss tips?
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started by LonDon323.   
Hi! This is my first time using the buddies program here, so I'm really new to this. I'm 17. I weight 110 and am 5'22. I want to get fitter, and stronger and leaner. And yes, that means some ...
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started by molojojo.   
Looking for advice..
Heyy, so I am almost 17 and I weigh 123 pounds and stand at 5'7. I really want to get down to 115 or 116 within the next 2 or 3 weeks, if anyone has any advice... let me know please:) :?:
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started by Taylor Buxton.   
Hey I'm new to the site. I'm 14 & weigh 113 lbs. My goal weight is 105. I just want to tone up. Any suggestions?
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started by arialise.   
Looking for a diet buddy who is willing to do a friendly competition with me
So here I am in this new world of pseudonyms and I would like to find a buddy who is willing to have a friendly competition with me.. so for example, at the end of each week, we tell each other how much ...
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started by 48kgthighgap, 11 months ago.   
new girl
i'm a girl who would like to find a weight loss buddie. i've fallen off the bandwagon a few time and would love to find someone else who's similar and wouldn't mind being friends. i'm ...
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started by sudmalis, a year ago.   
Tip that's worked for me
When you make a salad don't use lettuce, unless you are eating whole leaf spinach (which most people don't like. Lettuce is not all that nutritional. Load up on on more veggies not more lettuce. ...
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started by CSurane.   
I really want a weight loss buddie!
Hey I am Amy, Im 16 in a few days so by the time anyone reads this i will probably be 16. I am 5ft2 and I weigh 107lbs and I would like to be more toned and thin. I just would love someone to share tips ...
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started by amyperry1996.   
:d Hey everyone. I'm 13 and I weigh 115lbs and I really want to get down to 105 in 7 weeks. (i made a bet with someone that I could do this). and i really think I can. Any exercises suggestions? ...
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started by Britty99, a year ago.   
New and curious !!! :D
:idea: Hey guys :) ! I'm new to this whole Weight-loss eating right program. I'm 15 years old 5'0, 104lbs. I'm here because i intend to continue my journey for an active, healthy life ...
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started by DianaMcgee, a year ago.   
New Girl
Hey all! I'm Jackie. I am joining this group in hopes of getting a little peer pressure (the good kind!) in staying with my goals: getting in decent shape before my birthday, staying in good shape ...
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started by JackieJB.   
toning !
Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am 18 years old, roughly 5ft1 and 112 pounds. It's not the fact I want to actually lose weight on the scales I'd just really like to tone ...
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started by sophierhysw, a year ago.   
I'm only 5'0 so its really hard to lose fat and gain muscle in my legs! i've tried everything it seems like but nothing works!
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started by lilkiwi101.   
shedding weight
i am 5'4 and weigh 119 pounds. i'm trying to shed 10 pounds. i live in a dorm and i'm surrounded with unhealthy food. thankfully, the place where i stay is near to Subway (and i heard Subway ...
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started by pixieskitten, 2 years ago.