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Happy to be here! ^^
Hi everyone~! Iam new here and I'm very much happy to have found this group. God bless! :)
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started by Cass524, 3 months ago.   
TV opportunity, we're looking for a fantastic plus sized family to appear in a new documentary
Hi I work at Blink Films, an award-winning documentary film maker based in the UK. We're looking to create a documentary about life in plus sized family for TLC and C4 in the UK. We want it to focus ...
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started by Maddie Blink, 3 months ago.   
Anybody have helpful tips that they used? I just joined today and am trying to do what you guys are doing. Good luck to all of you xx
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started by Taylorherbert01, 4 months ago.   
Hi there everyone, My names Charlotte and I'm 15 from England. I'm 5'6" and currently 117.5lbs, but I started at 123. My first goal weight was 118, which I beat this morning😄 My second ...
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started by CharlotteFalconer, 4 months ago.   
Hi everyone i'm new in this group i'm having a huge problem 2 months of hard dieting and weight loss of 9 kilos i was so happy by the end of august and promised myself to keep eating healthy but ...
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started by roumymimy.   
Any good foods?
is there any good foods out there to eat to help me lose mostly belly and (sadly) some back muffin top? im now at 145lbs and round 5'4 i wanna be 120-125lbs before next school year :/
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started by kelsey_97.   
What is everyone's goal measurements here?
Please state your height, weight, current weight, goal weight, and goal measurements. I'm 5'7" (171 cm), 125 lbs (57 kg), goal weight is around 111 lbs(50-51 kg),goal measurements are 3 ...
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started by morninghyo1.   
Hello! I am 13, 5' 2" and 141 pounds. I need to lose 26 pounds to get back down to 115. I have trouble with binges and eating healthy food. I am trying to run for 15 minutes in the morning and ...
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started by snafflebitchick.   
i want to lose at least 20 pounds...i am sick of having stomach rolls. any tips?
i do watch what i eat doesnt seem to make a difference and i have a busy schedule with a new job where all i do is stand in the same spot for hours on end. i really would like to slim down mostly ...
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started by kelsey_97.   
Anyone 5'3-5'4?
I'm 5'3.75 and I weigh 136. My goal weight is 125 and my ultimate goal weight is 120. Anyone else with a similar goal? :d
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started by moniquepartida.   
i'm 19 and in scotland and need to get back down to 130 after moving to uni! any emotional support ?
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started by sandywells, 10 months ago.   
I want to loose six pounds!
Hi, I am 5'8 and 126 pounds(I used to be 132 pounds). I really want to go down to 118-120! I have medium bones and so my arms look kinda flabby! How do I loose the six-eight pounds? Suggestions ...
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started by HopeToFly.   
Im looking to loose my fat around my hip area and get a flat stomach back. so hopefully like 15-20 lbs before the summer. Does any one have any really good meal ideas they find work for them? does anyone ...
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started by cardwellr501, a year ago.   
need help
Hi.. M getting married in February n I need to lose 15kgs by then. Sooo.. Can anyone help me with this.. I used to hit gym regularly but past 6months m not able to coz f my exams resulting in gaining ...
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started by Aksasmi, a year ago.   
tips for weight loss
Eya really need to lose weight fast before this holiday does any one has any good tips that work well with quick results plz?
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started by !bee!, a year ago.