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For those who are following the Take Shape for Life plan with Medifast foods. This is a forum to share ideas, recipes, questions, challenges and of course successes.


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Is this group active? I am using Medifast/Optavia. I've not been real consistent.... starting and stopping through May and June. I've challenged myself to be 100% the next 30 days. Let's do ...
by Fadedbluesky on 01 Jul 18 11:19 AM
10 Food Help You Sleep Better And Reduce Snoring
We are living in non-stop society and in this rush; we often put sleep on a back burner. We really can’t understand why people forget sleep to complete the work. However it is not right approach. Sleep ...
by usmanraza on 14 Sep 17 05:31 PM
Still around?!?!?
Hi All I am a coach with TSFL. I find the program fantastic. Please find my fb page: facebook.com/thenutritionpath and LIKE ! I would love to hear your stories and successes!
by kacey42 on 10 Apr 13 06:32 PM
What is your favorite Medifast meal?
My favorites change. I've been on the Take Shape for Life program since April 2012 and I've lost 101 pounds so far. Right now my favorites are the Mixed Berry cereal (with almond milk) and the ...
by PollyNel on 31 Mar 13 06:00 PM
How much mrs dash can I use on my meats
by Bdiaznyc on 14 Jan 13 02:52 PM

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Me at 51 after losing 20 lbs. on Medifast and TSFL
by debrajohnsonshuey
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