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For people who like losing weight but have to gain weight and can't seem to do it. This group isnt totally for gaining weight, just talking about how hard it is. you dont have to want to gain weight to join this group. you can be totally opposed to it; thats fine. this is a place to tla about it. I for one struggle with increasing my meal plan and love dieting and losing weight. I hope this group will be an opportunity to talk about weight loss but at the same time lose weight.... sort of an oxymoron but whatever....


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What are our goals for gaining weight and how to achieve them?
So, yeah.... What are our goals for gaining weight and how to achieve them?
by sv120862 on 09 Feb 11 06:56 PM
This Group!
I know gaining weight sounds scary and foreign (at least to me), but some poeple need to do it. I dont really want to gain weight and want to talk about losing weight. MAIN GOAL: GAIN WEIGHT IN MUSCLE, ...
by sv120862 on 30 Jan 11 12:05 PM

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