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Posted: 18 Aug 2011, 09:01
Holy cow... so I was at Target on my lunch break (I find that just walking around Target or Walmart on my break after I eat my lunch prevents me from attacking the snack machine... lol) and I happen to see a new release from Jillian Michaels. I love this lady, yes, she is a bit anoying and bitchy, but she's right when she says she is all about results. I did her 30 day shred and got super fit, lost 15 lbs and 10% body fat (granted I was also doing some weight training at the gym, but no additional cardio) and I though that was intense. So I bought the Ripped in 30 and tried it out yesterday... MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE TODAY! And it feels great! Even the warm up on level 1 was intense! I felt like I got a real work-out and its only 24 minutes long! There are also 4 levels and I start out with all the modified moves so there is plenty of room to grow with this DVD. I will post again when I hit the rest of the levels. Anyone else have any good Jillian DVD suggestions? Or have had success with her programs? And if you haven't tried her out, I suggest you do!