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Posted: 24 Mar 2013, 13:10
Hi everyone. I have been on SB since Feb 2nd with a starting weight of 196. I joined fat secret March 19th weighing 185. I am hypothyroid and have a lot of fatigue but I am thinking of taking tai chi for 11 weeks (1 1/2 hours per week). Anyone else tried tai chi and what do you think of it? I do drink diet coke, is it allowed on SB? I am down to 2 cans a week. The caffeine seems to give me a boost of energy, although it may be psychological, haha. Also I cheat once a week on one meal, it seems to help me stick to the program knowing I can have something within reason not allowed, for example a hamburger with the bun. Am I bad??? Any thoughts from anyone. Good eating :Very Happy