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Posted: 25 Jan 2012, 00:26
I just started phase 1 on Jan 23, 2012 and have been having a hard time coming up with creative meals. Since moving to dominican republic to study medicine, i do not have many options for protein as a 'vegetarian', so i had to become more flexible with my eating, now eat egg ( since it is hard to get egg-substitute), soy (whenever i can find it), and recently learned to have tuna from time to time (since its easier to obtain than soy). My meals consisted mostly of carbohydrates and eating at all hours due to my med school and study hours. anyone have any ideas !? Sad

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Posted: 27 Feb 2012, 09:48
Hi there, I tried to post a recipe for a soup that is meat free and packed with veggies and beans........they said it needed to be reviewed for moderation, what ever that means. If they don't let it post I'll try to find another way to get it to you.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 22:34
If you're cutting out the meats, you can up the dairy, nuts, and seeds.
Peanut butter with celery, hummus with sliced bell peppers, mushrooms stuffed with reduced fat cheeses and herbs, eggplant with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese, chili made with beans and veggies, grilled veggies with olive oil and chickpeas,