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Anyone in PHASE 1? I started phase 1 today. It went great! I feel a slight difference already. My body feel lighter. I am looking for someone who is in PHASE 1 and who would like to post daily to each ...
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Speed Bump
:?: I gained 1.8 pounds since Tuesday, which is when I started week 2 of Phase 2. I know I had a calorie deficit, so I have to assume this is mostly water weight. It seems that maybe my body didn't ...
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started by CatHerder2, 5 months ago.   
over the hump
I am over the hump of my body going thru the initial shock of not having carbs and fruit on PHASE 1. I have made a decision to do PHASE 1 for 4 weeks instead of 2. I need that SOLID foundation and ass ...
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Starting phase one today
Starting the southbeach diet today hope to not only drop my weight, but to also find out what foods are making me itch. wish me luck:)
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started by leahtots, 7 months ago.   
My day is successful so far with my diet. I am feeling hungry still. I know that my body is adjusting to not having the carbs. I don't have a desire to eat anything that is forbidden on PHASE 1. I ...
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started by mymiracle, 7 months ago.   
South Beach recipes on Fatsecret
Does anyone know if there is a way to specifically look up recipes that are South Beach friendly here on Fatsecret?
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Started on Sunday
Hi, is anybody else following the South Beach Diet?
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Going back on SB
I'm not on it yet because I have to grocery shopping. I did SB about 6-7 years ago and lost 35 lbs, was looking and feeling great. But slipped back.
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started by niebieskieoczy53, a year ago.   
New to the Group
Hello All, I have been on Fat Secret since Jan 2013. I did the South Beach diet back in 2010 and my starting weight was 160lbs. I lost 15lbs and was able to maintain that for 6 months. Now my weight is ...
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started by jdd4222, a year ago.   
new member
Hi All, New member to Fatsecret. Lost 35 lbs in 2012. Felt great. Quit smoking May 1st, 2013, and have gained 15lbs back. Want to lose that 15lbs!! any help and encouragement is welcome. thx.
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started by Ilovetocook, a year ago.   
Why are there no portion serving sizes on the SB diet?
I feel like I'm eating too much most of the time, but I stick with the recommended foods, currently from phase one. Is anyone else watching portion amounts?
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started by external beauty.   
Great Success!!
I've now been on SBD for 3 weeks and I've lost 6 lbs. Not as good as what I've read, but being hypothyroid and 38 and not having been able to lose and keep off 1 lb or more a week i YEARS< ...
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New to group
Hi everyone. I have been on SB since Feb 2nd with a starting weight of 196. I joined fat secret March 19th weighing 185. I am hypothyroid and have a lot of fatigue but I am thinking of taking tai chi ...
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started by skiples, a year ago.   
Need meat-free ideas for phase 1
I just started phase 1 on Jan 23, 2012 and have been having a hard time coming up with creative meals. Since moving to dominican republic to study medicine, i do not have many options for protein as a ...
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Questions about foods allowed and not allowed on phase 1
I never bought the South Beach Diet book but looked up allowed foods online. It said that non-fat greek yogurt was OK and I believe that Agave Syrup is OK. Is that true?
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