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Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 09:38
Hi, my name is Harlene. I have PCOS and therefore insulin resistance. Cape Town, known as clickie town (as people hardly ever venture outside their cliques) is a difficult place for me to find people who are like minded and willing to walk a journey together. Losing weight is not an easy journey for me and I am hoping to find a buddy with whom i can share daily battles and victories with. I am not needing to do this face to face and email is a wonderful means of communication. Any1 interested or looking for a weight loss buddy, message me Smile

I am not judgemental, sincere and very open to giving and getting support.

P.s. i would very much like to converse with people of 90kgs and over as its closer to my weight Smile

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Posted: 17 Mar 2013, 06:04
Hi Harlene. Just started with Atkins. in your weigth group but not your age group, me thinks! See you posted in 2012! Hope there is much less of you by now.