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Announcement: We're 5 years old!!
Just a heads-up that this group is now 5 years old. Awesome to see how we've grown (and shrunk, hopefully - that why we're here after all :p)
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started by Brightest Light, 2 years ago.   
Sticky: Looking for some fatsecret buddies? Introduce yourself here!
Hi there folks! Would be great to make some fatsecret SA buddies, so feel free to introduce yourself in this thread/topic.
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started by JCinSA.   
New Challenge
Hi Everybody Looking for some advice My wedding is coming up fast and I would like to shake off some kg's (and keep them off) ;) What have you found to work best to improve weight loss?
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started by Neozilian.   
Happy I found this site
Hi I joined this site today, hoping to find loads of inspiration. Before joining it took me a month to loose 5kg alone.
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started by gremity.   
diet plan
Hi I have a diet plan from my dietician and I must it works wonders, I lost 9kg in 3 weeks. drop me a line at and I will happily share the diet plan & support where possible. ...
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started by thipitle.   
Hello Everyone..
Just joined the group today. I am so serious about loosing weight. Any advice or diet plans that you might wanna share. Will really appreciate it.
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started by Shredding-Calories.   
Finaly something working
Hi all! I'm not sure what this lady is called (something like an idiologist or something)but at the end of the day she is someone that treats you with herbs. Its not a homeopath but very similar. ...
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started by Keep it up 007, a year ago.   
The hustle to thee summer beach ready body continues...
The past 3 weeks have been amazing, went to the gym daily and have been on my best behaviour(ate healthy). so much went is going accordingly, lost a total of 9kg, feeling energized, the clothes are st ...
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started by thipitle, a year ago.   
Some Inspiration! :d
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started by LunaVixFatDrop, a year ago.   
Hello all
Great to find my "homies" here.On a LCHF lifestyle choice and loving every minute of it.Managing to lose a small amount of weight each week and I am happy with that.Anyone here doing something ...
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started by Khoskhos.   
loss not reflected on scales
Hi, I've been banting for about 16 months now. I have lost centimeters, which I can feel on a lot of my clothes, but when I step on the scales, my weight is still 60 kgs. What's going on?
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started by musingorchid, a year ago.   
Need to meet friends
Hi my name is Gloria Anthony, I'm new to this and need to find an accountability friend. I live in Cape Town.
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started by Gloria Anthony.   
new banter
Hi everyone, am a new banter in Bloemfontein :)
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started by dollydo06, a year ago.   
Lose 7.5Kg in 12 weeks
join this challenge. we will do it!!!
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started by 69miguel69.   
Walking/Running buddy arnd Pretoria
Hi everyone I'm new here and looking for walkin/runnin buddy around Pretoria, I stay at Sunnyside and usually run at Union Buildng in the evenings
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started by ontonda, 2 years ago.