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Announcement: We're 5 years old!!
Just a heads-up that this group is now 5 years old. Awesome to see how we've grown (and shrunk, hopefully - that why we're here after all :p)
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started by Brightest Light, 2 months ago.   
Sticky: Looking for some fatsecret buddies? Introduce yourself here!
Hi there folks! Would be great to make some fatsecret SA buddies, so feel free to introduce yourself in this thread/topic.
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started by JCinSA.   
Eastern Cape
Hi, anyone here from the PE area?:d
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started by Ruthiedew.   
So, I started tracking my food on my android phone with the Samsung SHealth app, but two days in I discovered that I can't actually see my data anywhere else than on the phone. So irritating. I like ...
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started by AndeeBee.   
I'm a new member - Anyone from the Garden Route Area? (Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, etc)
:) I am eager to hear your success stories. Please let me know how you are doing so far.
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started by Csmit65, 3 months ago.   
Capetonians and Procrastinators unite! (Tomorrow)
Howdy... Add me as a buddy if you're from Cape Town... or anywhere :p
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started by Brightest Light, 4 months ago.   
Hello fellow South Africans
Hi everyone. I'm new around here. Anyone else from Durban?
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started by fat42long.   
I know this is supposed to be a positive and encouraging place. I'm just so gatvol of having issues. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I have tried everything from Atkins to to dietician directed ...
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started by SanRockArt.   
Facebook Page - Motivation and Help
I have a facebook page up to promote myself and get my brand out while I am finishing my diploma in sport science to become a certified personal trainer. Although I am already helping people with my p ...
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started by JrkFitness, 7 months ago.   
High Fibre No Sugar but stilll good tasting cereals in SA?
Which cereal in sa is high in fibre has no sugar and still tastes good?
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started by daisy92.   
Taits popcorn
FYI Taits fat free popcorn Calories: 118 Kilojoules: 494 Calories from Fat: 93 Calorie Breakdown: Carbs (68%) Fat (24%) Protein (8%) Protein: 7.2g Total Fat: 10.3g Saturated Fat: 3g Cholesterol: 0mg ...
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started by vincent1983, 9 months ago.   
Any advice?
Hey everyone! I recently started on the Slender Wonder diet, but without the injections - so I am only following the eating plan with some supplements and hunger suppressants (Duromine) and Xenical. In ...
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started by Pocaa, 11 months ago.   
I need some buddies :)
Hi everybody, :) I have ALOT of weight to lose and need some buddies, that I can support and visa versa.... Let's lose this weight, and we promise never to look for it again... :lol: Have a ...
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started by bumblb.   
People are afraid of eating
I see so many people that are starving themselves in the effort to lose weight. If only they knew what havoc they are creating in their bodies. Hormone imbalances play a major role in your metabolic p ...
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started by JrkFitness.   
I have not lost but didn't put on. I'm stuck on a plateau.
This is when I start pulling out my hair. Do I now eat less calories or more.
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started by Downdowndown.