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Posted: 11 Mar 2013, 22:14
The story of my life, the weight struggle Sad

I have tired every workout out there, bought every new thing, tried every DVD, changed eating habits went to a doctor to see if I had thyroid problems. I am 5'1 a soon to be bride trying to lose weight, hate this muffin top or old tire that surrounds my hips, and carry water weight like a water balloon. What is the deal with Muffin Top how do I lose weight? My calorie intake is approx 1200-1500 a day, I drink water, I work out, am I one of those people that cannot lose anything? Do I need a unhealthy diet of 800 Cal? I have never had children I am 32, what are successful ways you might have lost the baggage?

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Posted: 05 Apr 2013, 11:16
I think as shorties, we have to eat fewer calories than other folks. I don't lose weight until I drop my intake to just under 1200 calories daily. I don't know if that will help you. But from what I've seen short people can't eat as much food as can those who are taller.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2013, 15:29
OMG me neither! So not fair, and even though the past few months I've still maintained a calorie deficit of 1000+kcals a week I put on a few pounds. The only time I really see some weight loss is when I try to stay under 1200kcals.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 09:07
My best success is when I weigh or measure everything I eat, and keep to 1200 calories per day - I am 5'3".
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Posted: 07 Apr 2014, 13:15
I downloaded the "Lost It" app to my phone and use that as a guideline to my weight lost. I am 5'2" tall and was 225 lbs in January. I eat about 1400 calories a day and walk 30-40 mins on my treadmill at 3mph. I have lost 26 pounds since mid-January doing this. I eat what I want, as long as I have the calories. There are a few foods I gave up because they were so high in calories (like french fries) but for the most part I eat my usual likes but control portion sizes.
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