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Posted: 05 Jan 2013, 17:53
I am so glad there is a group for short people. I am 5'even and most people don't understand that 5lbs. means a lot when you are short. Just five pounds makes a big difference in my clothes. Taller people can gain ten pounds and no one notices. short people gain five and it shows all over.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2013, 13:16
I'm new here too and I am also 5'. I hate being short! I'm in nursing school and I have discovered I have a hard time reaching equipment that is above a patient's head on the wall. Sometimes I have to move the bed! LOL.

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Posted: 12 Jan 2013, 08:23
I'm 4'10 1/2 (yes the 1/2 counts), and I've come to terms with being short. I have NOT, however, come to terms with having gymnast style features (read HUGE thighs and no boobs) when I'd love to have the legs that look good in "skinny jeans". Oh well. At least once I get fit, I'll look ripped as well.
If you can spend years beating yourself up mentally and remain standing, you can HANDLE a few muscle cramps and cravings. A little pain has NOTHING on feeling insecure. Remember that next time you wanna quit. You can do this!

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Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 07:56
I'm 5' 1/2 and even 1/4 inches count! My youngest is 16 and 4'10 3/4. I'm sort of hour glass and gain and lose all over, so actually can look quite rectangular. My youngest has the type of body you describe. She's a dancer and soccer player. I'm 57 years old and joined a service to help me dress for my body type. It seems to help!