Group Forum: Okay Shorties, How Many Calories Do You Eat?

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Posted: 21 Jan 2013, 05:47
I eat around 1000 a day, I'm 5'3", however I would prefer to be eating 800. Its a lot of food when you're eating fruits and veggies mostly.

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Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 08:44
I am 5 feet and a half inch tall and I eat around 1500 calories a day. I exercise every day as well so that I CAN eat that much. I really like to eat, so quantity is important to me, hence a lot of veggies. I count calories every day and since I want to eat a lot, the pie chart is full naturally in the best way. works for me -- I have lost over 45 pounds.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2013, 15:59
I am 5ft even. I'm all over the place when it come to my calorie intake. I only see weight loss when I eat less than 1200 most of the days of the week.. Sometimes I get weak though and eat more. That's why I've stopped adding in my exercises, when I see that extra 300 or so deficit I get antsy to eat something.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2013, 16:49
I eat around 900-1000 a day to lose about 2 pounds a week. My mom is 81 and just under 5 ft. She probably maintains her weight at 95 (for years) eating about 700-800 a day. GO figure. that seems like nothing,but i weigh her when I visit just to make sure she is not losing. She is very sedentary. It makes a huge difference how much you can eat by your activity levels. Me , not so active.

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Posted: 24 Apr 2013, 06:41
I'm doing Atkins, but in recording my food, I do see a calorie count for the day, which has been averaging between 1000 and 1300 a day. The difference for me is that when I try to do calories and a more Weight Watcher type diet, I am so hungry and dizzy I can't stand it. I was a WW devotee for many years, but at 57 it just wasn't working for me. I don't think I could cut my calories so low, but wish I could.

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Posted: 26 Apr 2013, 07:49
Just to put a bit of a different spin on things. Look at this in a scientific way. It has to do with the laws of physics. Your height doesn't have as much to do with it than your current weight. It take more energy (calories) to move more mass (weight). If you weigh 150 pound and you walk for 30 min at 3 mph you will burn more calories than you will doing the same walk at the same speed at the same pace but only weigh 120 pounds. So you either must increase the intensity of your exercise or decrease the calories you consume or both. Just because we are short; even a little bit of extra weight looks worse on us and takes a tole on our health. Just one of those hard facts of life that took me by surprise when I joined this website. I noticed that as my weight dropped so did the my BMR which is how many calories you burn just because you exist at your weight. When you record your exercise for the day it has the calories you burn for sleeping and resting already calculated based on your weight; as you lose weight, those numbers go down.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 15:22
What an awesome group thread! I'm 5' and in order to actually lose weight I have to eat around 900 kcal a day! at 1200-1400 kcal I can maintain a plateau weight but over 1400 kcal I start to gain immediately. What I hate about being short is how 5 lbs looks like 10! the difference between 102 and 107 is like night and day!! I yo-yo like crazy when I eat too many carbs,and I cant eat breakfast because it makes me hungry all day long!! Also I find if I focus to much on a balanced diet and getting sufficient nutrients I ALWAYS gain weight. I've decided I don't need as much food as other people but I need loads of protein! My fav high protein low cal foods are tunafish, shrimp, smoked oysters and lean beef or buffalo.

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Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 03:11
Yay! People who understand what it is to be short - I won't say little until I reach my goal weight (which usually freaks people out - they don't seem to realise just how little space we really take up). I'm 5' 0" and I used to eat around 600 to 800 calories a day, to maintain my weight. Now that I watch my carb/protein/fat ratios, I'm eating 1800 calories a day and losing weight. BUT I do know that the calories will have to decrease as I get smaller. I used to believe that I couldn't eat more than 1000 calories if I didn't want to put on weight, but now I'm learning more about how my metabolism works, I can push the calories much higher. Got to get to gym soon, so that I can get fitter, it's more than about losing weight for me. I want to be HEALTHY.
I really want to be healthy, but if the weight comes off I'm not complaining.

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Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 03:53
There's a great post on (under the forums) on how to calculate your daily calorie needs. At my height (5'Wink I need around 1,200 p/d. What's great about the calculations, once you wrap your head around it, is that you know what to adjust depending on how much you want to lose. I try to stick to eating 1,200 p/d and do not calculate the calories burned during exercise.