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Posted: 22 Oct 2012, 09:35
I sure would like it if more people were active on this group. There are alot of members however for someone new to this group there are not alot of talks or photos.

Just saying....thanks
CJ Gibbs

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Posted: 05 Nov 2012, 18:40
We all live downstream.

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Posted: 12 Dec 2012, 13:13
I'm new and I'm a chatter!!!
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Posted: 06 Jan 2013, 22:56
i agree, i haven't been over here in a while, i think it is the way fatsecret is set up. I forget about the groups I have joined because I am in the main screen reading my buddies journals... thanks for the reminder, any suggestions on how to keep it in the front so I don't forget? wish there was a popup number if new people have posted, a notification we have our groups to pay attention to or choose to review the groups in the front page...