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Posted: 30 Apr 2012, 21:45
hello im new to this site and glad to have found this group... im 4'9 and a mother of two... im trying to lose a little weight and get back in my old jeans but it is so hard to stick to a low calorie diet because i feel hungry most of the day. i was wondering if anyone has found a trick to feeling full without eating alot?

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Posted: 02 May 2012, 10:21
I try to plan ahead what I'm going to be eating. I get up have cereal with skimmed milk.

Take a pot of blueberries with me to college if I feel hungry which I will swallow whole if in a rush or eat really slowly one at a time. They tend to fill me up for about an hour. I'll then have one of my sandwich's at 12:30PM. Leaving the other sandwich until 1:30PM.

Drinking lots of water helps too! But the main trick I'm using right now is to eat little but quite often. I ration my food out across the day. Over time your stomach gets accustomed to it. Eating at set times helps too! Maintain a routine.

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Posted: 02 May 2012, 13:17
Thank you very much!!! Ill try your suggestions. I never really had a problem until after having my second child and my love for food and probably my stomach has grown so maybe stretching my meals will help shrink those!

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Posted: 08 May 2012, 09:35
I also eat two snacks a day- when I am hungry. I bring low-fat cottage cheese with me to work every day in 1/2 cup containers so I don't have to worry about portions when I grab it and I have some almonds in my desk as well. Both are healthy snacks that will fill you up between meals Smile


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Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 13:30
Look at the foods you are eating. If you are eating 1,000 calories a day and are still hungry then you probably need to change the foods you eat. Complex carbohydrates from whole grains will stay with you longer than simple carbs from processed foods that don't have fiber. Make sure you have some protein with your meals. That will also help the meal to stay with you longer. A small amount of fat can also be beneficial to prevent getting hungry too quickly after a meal. Blood sugar will increase but stays more constant for a longer period of time with a balanced meal. With Carbs only, especially simple carbs such as juice or cake your blood sugar can spike, but then drop very quickly. Some people are more reactive to this than others.
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Posted: 12 Jul 2012, 10:38
I agree with everyone here. Eat often, plan your snacks, pair complex carbs (aka fruits & veggies) with lean protein and small amounts of healthy fats, and you'll fall into routine before ya know it. The first few days are tough, but give your body a chance to get over the shock of not getting overindulgence anymore.
If you can spend years beating yourself up mentally and remain standing, you can HANDLE a few muscle cramps and cravings. A little pain has NOTHING on feeling insecure. Remember that next time you wanna quit. You can do this!