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Come join to help each other out wih the unique weight loss challenges we have.


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What is the deal with Muffin Top?
I downloaded the "Lost It" app to my phone and use that as a guideline to my weight lost. I am 5'2" tall and was 225 lbs in January. I eat about 1400 calories a day and walk 30-40 mins ...
by RugratX2 on 07 Apr 14 01:15 PM
What does thin feel like to you?
Thin to me is freedom. Freed from the muffin top, the heavy boobs,the thunder thighs, the knees wrapped with meat and fat, the "love" handles. Girls, the time to shape up, to work towards health ...
by Futoisugiru on 12 Mar 14 05:59 PM
New Today!!
Just started hear last Monday! I am 5'0" and starting at 169lb (the heaviest I have ever been!) I hope to get down to 125. Had my hip replaced 2yrs. ago and thus the weight gain. I was always ...
by plinej on 12 Jan 14 06:03 PM
I'm stuck too!
5lbs is nothing! You'll lose it in no time! You need to change what you're doing right now. Either get in more exercise (in terms of walking, swimming, or just keeping yourself busy and up and ...
by xynab on 20 Nov 13 02:40 AM
I'm Stuck
Fat Secret has helped me to lose 10.2 lbs since July. But I am so stuck and still have 8 lbs to go. Trying not to get discouraged. And to find the will power to kick it up a notch.
by Weight Losss on 25 Sep 13 12:16 AM

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I'm 5' 2" and this is me at 158 lbs.
by Joelly

always wearing black to hide the fat
by Ziningi

My friends came to visit!
by chattycathy1955

bday outfit from my hubby
by IdaMarie78
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