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Come join to help each other out wih the unique weight loss challenges we have.


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What's working for you?
Hi JRuck14. I'm not sure what carb cycling is, but what is working for me is just really cutting back on grains, so breads, cereals, rice, potatoes, etch, and pasta and dairy. It's kind of a l ...
by Bierll on 22 Aug 14 04:27 PM
I hear ya! I'm 4'11" and was 93 lbs. Last year. Had an ovary removed, and now I can't go much lower than 107 no matter what I do!!! Any advice? What diet do you follow, and is it working? ...
by GothPrYnCiss on 12 Aug 14 11:57 PM
New Today!!
I'm new to this group today, funny didn't even see it before. I'm ... well, technically probably little shorter than 5'0", but I'm sticking to that, and weigh the most I've ...
by rainbowkishz on 22 Jul 14 10:14 PM
Best wishes RastalrieMon! I'm 5ft and 143lbs and I want to do the same. Lose fat and water but add lean muscle mass without looking bulky. Best wishes and let's get to work!
by ChicaLean on 11 Jun 14 07:52 AM
How to get exercising
I think you may need to reduce calories more unless you are pretty active. I'm 5' and 172 pounds. I've been eating around 1200 calories a day and losing 1-2 pounds per week. I'm mod ...
by RobynByrd1971 on 10 Jun 14 01:07 PM

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144 pounds and my height is 5'2. Hope it make it to 130!
by RastaIrieMon
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I'm 5' 2" and this is me at 158 lbs.
by Joelly

always wearing black to hide the fat
by Ziningi

My friends came to visit!
by chattycathy1955

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