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I just created my first challenge
It's based on the Biggest Loser Fitness Card Game...come join me this should be fun :)
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started by friendly555, 4 years ago.   
a ton of weight
so I'm 5'0" tall. recently lost 12 lbs and everybody just gushes over how i lost a "ton" of weight. A ton!!! 12 lbs is hardly a "ton". sometimes it just irks my taters. ...
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started by kdfrakes.   
At a loss with what to do? :[
I am 19 years old. I currently weigh in at about 250 lbs. I am only 5'1 so it is important that I lose at least 100 lbs. I am giving myself about a year to complete this goal. I need every and any ...
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started by Ahensh91.   
I am proud of myself
:d Joining FATSECRETS in a big step for me. I like to stay in the shadows, and prefer to be recognized for being a workaholic rather than someone struggling with their weight. Reality.......people a ...
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started by CRyan.   
Hi everyone, I am a newbie to the group. I just started actively using fatsecret this past Monday. I am hoping to lose 5 lbs in a few weeks. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for a shorty like ...
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started by fightingweight .   
Hi everyone. I have 28 and 5' At my last weigh in I was at 204--hoping to get under 200 this week or next and then I still have a long way to go.
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started by nean_3782.   
Under 5'
I'm 4' 11" ( actual 4' 10.5"). I have 3 children 11, 9, and 7. My BMI suggests that I could stand to lose more than my 10 lb goal but 10 will suffice for me. People often say, why ...
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started by ryteclick.   
I'm 4'8" and 196 lbs. I need to loose weight and stay on track to a healthy new me.
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started by Leighann85, 4 years ago.   
Hi, I'm 38 years old..5'3 and weigh 218 lbs...
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started by Piggy72, 4 years ago.   
So, I need a buddy. Maybe someone who is in the same boat as I am. I need to lose close to 20 pounds to be where i want to be. i am 34, 5'3" and 142 pounds. Mind you, i was 132 at the end of the ...
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started by Elle0920.   
(Kinda) Challenge partners
Anyone looking for someone to kind of challenge them with their weight loss? I would like to partner up with someone who is about 170-165ish looking to lose those 20-25 lbs. We don't have to be in ...
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started by Angelxx05x.   
My name is Mafer, I am 17 years old and I am 5"0! My weight is 125, but I look bigger because I am short! I have big boobs, big butt, big get the idea, and it just doesn't look ...
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started by mafer2001, 4 years ago.   
Hey everyone!
I'm Jasmine, aka JJ, I'm a 14, almost 15, and am London, England. I am 4'11" and started at 130 lb, I'm loose the majority of my "extra baggage" by September, when the new ...
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started by RedHead90sKid.   
Vertically Challenged
I am 5'2" and weigh 180lbs and a lifetime high. I've weighed as little as 96lbs. At this point I would be happy if I could lose 4Olbs. Hope we can encourage each other here.
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started by Deevchina.   
Glad to see a group for us less then tall people!
Hi everyone. New to this group, not to dieting. Actually I won't say dieting, learning to eat healthier. I already reached my goal weight, due to the motivation I got during a fitness competition at ...
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started by devonlape, 4 years ago.