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new to this site
I'm 5'3 & 171lbs which puts me in the obese category according to the bmi index. Which OS a real downer but needless to say I've had 2kids in 2years so I know where my weight came from. ...
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Under 5'0"
I am 44 years old & have been 4'11" since middle school. For years I have been on & off diets, loosing & gaining weight. At my age, it's time to get serious about weight loss!!
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New to this
Hi everyone, I am new to this and I'm looking for support and ideas! Hope to find it here :)
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Don't tell me I don't need to lose weight!
Hi 5 foot tall here weigh in at 131 lbs I hate it when people say I don't need to lose weight.Why don't people realize that 131 on a five foot small boned gal looks like 150 on a taller one.just ...
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Back again
Hello all! I was on FS about 4 months ago and fell completely off the wagon. So now I am back, with a couple extra lbs, and ready to get serious and lose this weight once and for all!! I am 5' and ...
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Hi! I'm new here! I'm 25 years old and 5'2". I'm currently at the top of my healthy weight range and plan to get to the lower end of it. My goals are to actually exercise and to ...
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Why don't clothing mfrs make work-out gear for people who need it?
For me, one of the most frustrating experiences in the world is shopping for suitable gym clothing/work-out clothing when overweight. It's even worse than shopping for other types of clothing. This ...
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New Here
Hi everyone! I am new here and still trying to find my way around here. I am ready to finally get serious about losing this excess weight. I am 5' and my goal is lose about 45lbs. I had lost about ...
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Looking for buddies...
I'm 5'3' trying to lose 12-13 pounds. Need some people who are down to talk about progress and daily obstacles. Let's keep each other motivated!
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The way I get around being overweight, sometimes, is to tell myself that if I were taller, I'd be the perfect weight. Unfortunately this only works in my mind. The reality is, I have to lose more ...
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Am I the only guy here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont matter, need to fix my life and need all the support I can get...need to loose 80 lbs....
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started by FinallyJoe.   
Does anyone beside me feel they hide behind their fat for a reason?
Okay, this may be hard to explain. I finally figured out that to me if I am fat,men won't bother me and I won't have to deal with them, and if I'm fat I'll somehow be stronger and can ...
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I'm only 5'2" why can't I buy Petite slacks?
Does anyone else find that they can not wear slacks or jeans from the Petite department. I have to buy regular slacks and then have then hemmed up. It is aggravating to have to hem everything I buy. ...
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Advice on changing scales?
Okay so I've been weighing my self every Monday morning first thing in the morning when I get to work. I don't mind that I'm fully dressed (except for shoes) because I do want to know how much ...
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started by friendly555.   
I am 38 yrs old, 5'1 and 120 lbs. I would like to lose 5-10 more pounds (depending on my waist size). I am a SAHM to 3 kids (girl 4 1/2 yrs and twin boys 3 yrs). I was stuck at 125 until I got sick ...
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