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Hi Everyone!
I'm fairly new to FS and would love to have some buddies for motivation. I'm 5'0" and looking to get healthy. I LOVE food but not the exercise. It takes a lot to motivate me. I have ...
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Hi All
Well I just joined this group..I'm dietbetic..Since I went on insulin a few years ago I have been fighting a losing battle with all these extra pounds.. I also am on oxygen 24 hours a day..I Can't ...
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started by Charscreations, 2 years ago.   
Hello all!
I am new here and absolutely love it! I am 4'9 and trying to loose the weight that I put on over the holidays. A few pounds on me looks and feels like 10 to 20lbs. I hate it. So self conscious about ...
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This is my year! Constantly trying to lose the belly, want to lose 30 pounds ideally by the summer. Hmmmm let's give it a go!
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I'm so happy a group like this exists! I'm looking forward to getting advice/tips from fellow shorties. :d
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Newbie, 4'10" (almost)
Hi shorties - nice to finally find a group that isn't going to insist I'm not eating enough. I'm 48 and today is the 2nd day of our long summer holidays (6 weeks) and I'm SOOOO determined ...
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started by SteppnStrong, 2 years ago.   
after dinner munchies
hi everyone i am so glad i found this group. i am really having a hard time after dinnter. i feel like i just have to have something, sometimes more then just one snack. i eat the right things but as we ...
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Am I crazy, or what?
OK, I swore I wasn't going to tell anyone what I did, but here goes... I'm a newbie bike rider. At 47 years old. I have 5 grandkids. They say wisdom comes with age. I must not have aged e ...
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Hi, Shorties!
I've been going up and down. I've been travelling and don't do as well when I am, even though I brought healthy food with me this time. I need to stick with it to goal even when I don't ...
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started by Elegance108, 2 years ago.   
New shorty here.........
Hello fellow shorties. I am 5'1 and 202lbs. I just started today. I'm really excited to get this weight loss journey started. I would like to know what has really been helping everyone stay on ...
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how do you reply to a post on here
how do you reply to a post on here at the group forum, all i see is clicking on a name and then its a private message,,,,,,,,,HELP
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Everday chitchat,whatever's on your mind!
Okay, I think my feet are shrinking! Why can't it come from my belly? My hands are showing cords? from the fingers and now my rings are all loose, have to stop wearing them, don't want to lose ...
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new member
joined fs about 4 weeks ago, weighed 191 goal to get to 150 then to 125....have lost 11 1/2 lbs so far, doing my own diet.....looking for friends to diet with and get to know each other......low carb ...
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Hi everyone! I am 5'2" and love being short..except that I can't reach some of the gym equipme
I have finally motivated myself to get in shape but have encountered one rather unusual problem...I have trouble using some of the gyms exercize equipment. I can't reach it! lol Has anyone else had ...
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started by angelfreak.   
Hello, I'm a newbie to FS and ready to get this weight off of me for once and for all. I'm 215lbs and my goal is to get down to at least 125lbs by my 32nd birthday.
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started by ebonybig2small.