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New to the group
Hi everyone! I am 5'1" and 215. I feel lousy all the time. I am tired just walking up stairs. I am committed to lose this weight, slowly and safely, one day at a time.
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started by sancgal.   
Hi all been trying Atkins
I am 5'2 with my shoes on:) Was 130 in highschool within three months was 180 and had problems losing ever since :( I am slowly working on getting back down to 130 but it has been a hard road. I ...
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Hello, I'm New Here
I'm 37 years old, 5'2", weighing at 138 pounds with small bones, and I wish to get my weight down between 110 to 115 pounds. I've been having extremely bad problems with my stomach and ...
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feel full trick?
hello im new to this site and glad to have found this group... im 4'9 and a mother of two... im trying to lose a little weight and get back in my old jeans but it is so hard to stick to a low calorie ...
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I was wondering if anyone had any luck with fat burner supplements. I dont want anything to replace diet and exercise. I am looking into them in order to boost my metabolism and fat burn. Any comments ...
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Hey there!
:d New to the site, not new to weight management. I'm 33 years old, 4'10 1/2" (yes, that 1/2 counts, damnit!), medium bone structure, currently 136, wearing size 8, heading back toward 1 ...
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started by Sookers, a year ago.   
Hi from a Newbee
Hi! I'm Karen. I'm 5'tall. 63. I weigh. 168 lbs. and live on the Olympic Peninsula. The worst thing is that when a short person has gained 5 pounds it appears like they gained 15 pounds! ...
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started by Fletchita, a year ago.   
Petite Advantage Diet
Hi all, I just joined this group. I'm 4'11 and weigh 229. I started reading Jim Karas' Petite Advantage Diet book last week, where he states that petites have to eat way less than taller ...
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started by grandlux.   
:x Grrrr...went to Hibbetts today to look for some shoes. These are killing me! Found some I REALLY liked..for running...lightweight...and PURPLE. Not only were they 90$ but the smallest size they had ...
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started by JazzyOwl, a year ago.   
Bras, again.
Just thought I'd pass this along. I was checking out the Terry bicycling website yesterday and saw that they have several exercise bras that are supposed to fit C-D cups. I have no affiliation with ...
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Hello All Shorties
:) I am new to the group and new to the site. I wanted to introduce myself. Everyone is welcome to read my first journal entry to get some of my history. Basically I am 5 foot 3 inches tall and I am d ...
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no sweets for valetines day!
i usually dont say nice things about my husband of 30 but instead of candy he got my cute sweet is that!
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New members
Hello all! I am just barely 5' tall and weight in at 230lbs. I have been struggling on and off for the past 5 years to get down to at least 150 lbs to no avail but in all honesty I give up easily. ...
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started by luvmykids1993.   
Hi Everyone!
I'm fairly new to FS and would love to have some buddies for motivation. I'm 5'0" and looking to get healthy. I LOVE food but not the exercise. It takes a lot to motivate me. I have ...
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Hi All
Well I just joined this group..I'm dietbetic..Since I went on insulin a few years ago I have been fighting a losing battle with all these extra pounds.. I also am on oxygen 24 hours a day..I Can't ...
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started by Charscreations, 2 years ago.