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New 16 year old member
Hola everybody! My name is Dina and I'm 4'11. I don't like to weigh myself so I will not set a specific goal. I just want to feel healthy and good about myself. Well I a have been dieting from ...
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started by Walkinghazard, a year ago.   
New member...
Hi, I'm new to this group. I'm 51 and 5 feet tall. I've been struggling with weight gain since becoming perimenopausal. Ugh. Hormones and hot flashes. I try to exercise at least 5 times a ...
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started by Bierll, a year ago.   
Okay Shorties, How Many Calories Do You Eat?
I am struggling to find the right calorie amount for myself. When I eat healthy, I find it difficult to even eat 1200 calories even though I know I should. I've seen all of the advice, but it's ...
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started by Otto.   
so glad there is a group for us!
I am so glad there is a group for short people. I am 5'even and most people don't understand that 5lbs. means a lot when you are short. Just five pounds makes a big difference in my clothes. T ...
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started by sophiebelle12.   
You, One Month Later and 10 Pounds Lighter ...
that is what you will be saying after the W-10 Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month Challenge. You get a group of motivated weight loss companions, an experienced challenge encourager that will give you the plan ...
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started by greg4God, a year ago.   
Win by joining our invitation-only Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month Challenge.
Go to to sign up now for the best challenge on FatSecret. Sign up today before time runs out. You can win and win prizes while meeting others with the same goals. We wish you well ...
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started by greg4God, a year ago.   
Just a thought
I sure would like it if more people were active on this group. There are alot of members however for someone new to this group there are not alot of talks or photos. Just saying....thanks
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started by stacibrown318.   
New to the group
Hi everyone! I am 5'1" and 215. I feel lousy all the time. I am tired just walking up stairs. I am committed to lose this weight, slowly and safely, one day at a time.
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started by sancgal.   
Hi all been trying Atkins
I am 5'2 with my shoes on:) Was 130 in highschool within three months was 180 and had problems losing ever since :( I am slowly working on getting back down to 130 but it has been a hard road. I ...
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started by need2lose85.   
Hello, I'm New Here
I'm 37 years old, 5'2", weighing at 138 pounds with small bones, and I wish to get my weight down between 110 to 115 pounds. I've been having extremely bad problems with my stomach and ...
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started by mtclark74.   
feel full trick?
hello im new to this site and glad to have found this group... im 4'9 and a mother of two... im trying to lose a little weight and get back in my old jeans but it is so hard to stick to a low calorie ...
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started by BrendibooMomOf2.   
I was wondering if anyone had any luck with fat burner supplements. I dont want anything to replace diet and exercise. I am looking into them in order to boost my metabolism and fat burn. Any comments ...
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started by JazzyOwl.   
Hey there!
:d New to the site, not new to weight management. I'm 33 years old, 4'10 1/2" (yes, that 1/2 counts, damnit!), medium bone structure, currently 136, wearing size 8, heading back toward 1 ...
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started by Sookers, 2 years ago.   
Hi from a Newbee
Hi! I'm Karen. I'm 5'tall. 63. I weigh. 168 lbs. and live on the Olympic Peninsula. The worst thing is that when a short person has gained 5 pounds it appears like they gained 15 pounds! ...
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started by Fletchita, 2 years ago.   
:x Grrrr...went to Hibbetts today to look for some shoes. These are killing me! Found some I REALLY liked..for running...lightweight...and PURPLE. Not only were they 90$ but the smallest size they had ...
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started by JazzyOwl, 2 years ago.