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Petite Advantage Diet
Hi all, I just joined this group. I'm 4'11 and weigh 229. I started reading Jim Karas' Petite Advantage Diet book last week, where he states that petites have to eat way less than taller ...
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started by grandlux.   
Tips on what to eat
Hi all. Also new to this group....quite keen to see how everybody else is doing with loosing weight.... Im 5'0 exactly. don't do much exercise and am training to be a chef, so I taste everything ...
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started by A - T, a week ago.   
What's working for you?
Hi All, I'm new to the group and site actually. I'm barely 5' and need to lose about 70lbs. I'm considering doing carb cycling and wanted to know what you are doing that's working for ...
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started by JRuck14.   
:) Hi, I am 4ft. 10 in. 114pds. I have to get a grip on my weight or I will be as wide as I am tall!!:lol:
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New Today!!
Yes, I'm a shorty here:d 5'2 need to lose 44 lbs, I would love to have my weight off by Christmas, but right now, I'm focusing on losing 3 lbs a week.
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started by Roseanna38.   
I am 5'2 and being short, curvier and muscular it is hard to look thin. I just want to lose some of my fat and water weight :) I am currently 144 pounds. Let's do this!
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started by RastaIrieMon.   
How to get exercising
Growing up I never had to watch my weight. Now at 5'3" I am struggling to stay below 150. My goal is lose 15 pounds by mid August. Calories are 1700 per day. Do I need to reduce calorie amount?
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What is the deal with Muffin Top?
The story of my life, the weight struggle :( I have tired every workout out there, bought every new thing, tried every DVD, changed eating habits went to a doctor to see if I had thyroid problems. I ...
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What does thin feel like to you?
I think thin feels like- no stomach getting in the way when you bend over, or your boobs not sitting on your stomach, and not because you have a bad bra either.Thin to me feels like, no armour, I can hide ...
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started by 83JEN.   
I'm stuck too!
Hi! I am 5'2" and as you know, every extra pound seems to show. I only need to lose about 5 more lbs but they just don't seem to ever go. I like dark chocolate too much I guess. I am just ...
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started by skybluepink.   
I'm Stuck
Fat Secret has helped me to lose 10.2 lbs since July. But I am so stuck and still have 8 lbs to go. Trying not to get discouraged. And to find the will power to kick it up a notch.
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started by Weight Losss, a year ago.   
I had to join this
Being short is so hard when it comes to losing weight, we simply have nowhere to hide it LOL glad I found this site, I've got about 10 pounds to get back into my clothes.. good luck everyone!
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started by soccermom96.   
Hi, Looking to lose weight for the last time
Hi, My name is Denise and I am 5'0 and currently weigh 171 lbs. I started the Atkins diet at 182 lbs last month. I am feeling great and started incorporating exercise to my routine. My goal is ...
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started by finallylean, a year ago.   
New Member Today
So glad to find this group. I'm beginning to realize that at 4'11" I cannot eat as much as my bigger peers. :cry: I have a love/hate relationship with food! I was tiny in high school ...
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New 16 year old member
Hola everybody! My name is Dina and I'm 4'11. I don't like to weigh myself so I will not set a specific goal. I just want to feel healthy and good about myself. Well I a have been dieting from ...
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started by Walkinghazard, a year ago.