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Looking for those who are doing or have done the Quick Weight Loss Program for support and ideas.


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I have lost 33.5 pounds since November. Each day is becoming a struggle. I want more variety (stuff I shouldn't eat). I start each day new, but end each day making the same mistakes. My husband I ...
by AlabamaCountryGirl57 on 23 Mar 14 01:59 PM
Why did I every leave QWL?
Hi, AKKennedy! I'd love to know more about where you order your supplements! Started 6 weeks ago and have lost 20 lbs so far. I really rely on the supplements and I feel like they're key to ...
by ScubaCrys on 27 Oct 13 09:39 PM
Happy to find this group!
Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I didn't stick to it and gained all my weight back. You have done very well time to get back on it. Don't give up now you can do it!
by lincast on 03 Aug 13 09:54 AM
QWLC Cost ?
I did find a company that (when I googled quick weight loss substitutes,) supposedly makes the products under another label.. Try did seem to. be he same nutritional content. I'll see if I can fin ...
by TinaGis on 25 Jul 13 07:41 AM
:d So glad to get your message. Hope you are having a good day!
by orbrays on 18 Jul 13 06:14 PM

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