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Reaching the 30's can be a bit of a challenge, losing weight isn't as easy as it always has and if your one of those people who has just about eaten whatever you wanted until now you know exactly what I'm up against! Come join me in the strike against fat and stay fit; for it's a lifestyle and I'm interested in what others are doing to fight this thing called obesity...


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Anyone still in this group that lives in the Fort Worth area? I am in my early 40's and have been a runner for years. Marathons have taken there toll, so I am changing up my workouts. Doing more ...
by runner2120 on 04 Sep 15 03:18 PM
Need to get moving
I am in a weight loss competition. I need to eat less and move more. I am in week 4 of the 9 week competition. I am starting to slow down and feel less motivated. I need some inspirations.
by jodim77 on 22 Feb 13 10:44 AM
Hi, my name's Melanie, and I currently live in the Dayton area. Actually, I live in Centerville. I'm wondering if there's anyone in this group who lives near here or not too far from here. ...
by mtclark74 on 10 Jul 12 10:20 PM
Hi There
I'm mid 40's and been fairly fit all my life. A few years ago I started watching my diet and dropped about 20lbs. I've now decided I want to get ripped. I figure I need to lose 5 or 10lbs. ...
by Leif31 on 15 Mar 12 07:36 AM
Hi All - just starting out and this group seems to fit exactly my situation. Turned 30 this year and generally happy with my body/weight, but noticing I can't get away with eating and drinking wha ...
by APK623 on 09 Mar 12 01:33 PM

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