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Posted: 11 Feb 2009, 04:37
Green tea acts as an antioxidant and thus its consumption can release all the toxins from your body. A recent study showed that if people who drank a bottle of green tea every day for three months lost more body fat than those who drank water or juice. Wink

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Posted: 26 May 2010, 12:37
That's what I've been drinking and the weight's dropping faster than when I only drank water.

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Posted: 18 Aug 2010, 17:38
I love hot green tea. Ginger tea is just as good from what I understand. I drink both and have noticed a better nights sleep if I drink it before bed.

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Posted: 08 Feb 2011, 07:30
I love green tea also but keep in mind it does contain caffeine.

"People sensitive to caffeine and drinking green tea as an alternative should be aware that green tea still contains caffeine which will affect you if you drink several cups.

Green tea is generally brewed with water below the boiling point for 2-4 minutes. Longer steeping times can result in more caffeine being released into the cup. The amount of leaf used also influences the caffeine content."
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Posted: 30 May 2011, 20:14
klmay999, really? i usually steep it longer... longer that 5 minutes i can say. though what i like about green tea is that it helps me not to sleep during the day.. coz usually by 1 to 3 pm i usually get sleepy..... hey is there a best time to drink green tea? just to confirm coz someone told me i should drink green tea before 4 pm? how true is that?
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Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 23:46
Wink I did not know how good green tea was well I started drinking it todaySmile