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Obesity has taken center stage in the healthcare industry over the recent years. With the increasing number of overweight to obese people worldwide, the understanding of the disease and all the medical complications it brings has been greater than ever before.

According to Philippine Obesity Control Surgery Team (POCST), obese people are in a much higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is a result of a high blood sugar level. POCST also highlights how obesity can lead to early heart attacks. Heart attacks become 5 to 7 times more probable and knows no age. Other cardiovascular complications are also brought about by obesity, especially among older adults.


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.most of the post are so old now
is there any thing new here or is this group dead..i just joined a few days ago and i feel like i am on a ghost ship any body out there...may be no action here.
by fred4win on 02 Mar 16 10:54 PM
Hi PrettyRyanne, You can do all protien diet, 5kg in 1week. try the 1st 3days to eat boiled chicken breast meat. do a single bite 5x a day.To the remaining days, you can alternate it with fruits or ve ...
by KellyBac on 10 Oct 13 09:39 PM
no. what I am saying is slashing calorie intake drastically is wrong. of course you should eat less because of the calories in-calories out rule but cut calories gradually. for example, cut 500 calories ...
by danielleb3ar on 21 Apr 13 01:27 AM
Anyone here who works at night? I'm very new here and I'm excited to start working on a big task which is to keep my self fit. Every night, its either I'm tempted to eat what I want or I eat ...
by biggiebride on 19 Jan 13 10:26 AM

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