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.most of the post are so old now
is there any thing new here or is this group dead..i just joined a few days ago and i feel like i am on a ghost ship any body out there...may be no action here.
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started by fred4win, 2 years ago.   
I am new here... My family has a history of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases because of obesity/overweight. Well, I am also an overweight, I am 5'5 and 170 pounds but I am very grateful that I ...
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started by PrettyRyanne.   
Hi guys. Im new and just found out about this site but ive been online almost everyday eversince. Ive been trying to find people i can connect with to help me get started with living healthier (and h ...
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started by SALOTngLIPUNAN.   
Anyone here who works at night? I'm very new here and I'm excited to start working on a big task which is to keep my self fit. Every night, its either I'm tempted to eat what I want or I eat ...
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started by biggiebride, 5 years ago.