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Paleolithic Paradise is a group for sharing delicious Paleolithic diet recipes and supporting one another in our quest to become carb and starch free!


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Is anyone out there?
I am here! Day 2 of Paleo. I was wondering if this group was active.
by LVilleLori on 21 Jan 14 10:34 AM
is tahini paste (ground sesame seeds) paleo? How about sunflower seeds?
by birdmadgirl on 18 Feb 13 05:31 PM
Hello! :) This is a great site for any ideas! http://fastpaleo.com/category/...
by milkybunnychan on 16 Feb 13 05:09 PM
New to Paleo
Well Hello and welcome to our little group! Sounds like you are heding in the right direction. I haven't given up cream in my coffee, but other than that, I'm doing PALEO 99.8 (less 0.2 for my ...
by Nancy Yoakum on 09 Feb 13 07:27 AM
I think that soy milk milk be out because it is made from a soy bean and beans are not part of the program. That is my guess, but I'll see if I can find the answer in the book! Nancy
by Nancy Yoakum on 01 Feb 13 07:34 AM

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