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Is anyone out there?
It looks like this group could use a little jump start! Is anyone else out there and looking for some Paleo support?
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started by kmeyer225.   
is tahini paste (ground sesame seeds) paleo? How about sunflower seeds?
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started by birdmadgirl, 5 years ago.   
Does anyone have a recipe for paleo friendly, easy to make ice cream? and cookies/ cake/ or muffins? I'd like to have them on hand so that when my family wants something sweet, it won't be ...
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started by birdmadgirl.   
New to Paleo
Hi everyone, just a quick post to introduce myself. I am new to Paleo and must admit I'm doing more of a lacto/paleo. I have some regular milk in tea and a small amount of full fat greek yogurt. ...
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started by mrsdickdick.   
hi everyone, forgive me for my ignorance :? I am following a paleo diet the way my nephew described it to me, and as much as I could understand from reading about it on the internet. I haven't g ...
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started by birdmadgirl.   
resource for the paleo diet
Newbie here... My nephew told me about this diet. He seems very happy and has lost weight, and looks great. He inspired me to try! Is there a resource that lays it all out? I don't know too much ...
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started by birdmadgirl.   
Just wanted to say HELLO to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Nancy and I look forward to getting to know everyone in the group. I am looking forward to the support and being able to help mo ...
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started by Nancy Yoakum, 5 years ago.   
PPaleo Buddy Request
Hello out there in Paleo land. Is anyone out there? I need a Paleo buddy who also needs to drop pounds and likes natural foods that are low carb. I need help with encouragement to stick with it even ...
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started by Tina Dee.   
A student's study request. Help!
Greetings! I'm Elisha. Just a random student from Southern California. I'm trying hard to figure out this paleo stuff. I’m asking for help from strangers here because, more specifically, I've ...
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started by ElishaJBaker, 6 years ago.   
Hi, Darren here new to the group
Started on the Paleo Diet Feb.1st and already lost 6.6lb. already! :o
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started by Darkmattet, 6 years ago.   
Hi, I'm Ruby, new to group
Because I'm diabetic I started out on Atkins but will be changing my diet soon. Is anyone here following Mark Sisson, author of "The Primal Blueprint"??? Thanks for your input!
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started by RubyRedSox.   
Newbie to Primal
I am 61 yrs old. I have been grain free for three weeks now... losing about 8 lbs. I can't say I am totally Primal yet and I have to admit we can't afford all organic or grass fed meats totally. ...
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started by Mom2Boxers, 6 years ago.   
New to group...
Hi! I've been following a Paleo food plan since September, and lost 34 pounds so far. I just joined Fatsecret,and am looking forward to sharing with y'all about experiences good and bad with ...
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started by Silverdragon.   
4 Week Primal or Paleo Challenge
If you'd like to follow along, join my 4 week Primal or Paleo challenge. Sometimes our friends and family just don't understand. That's the advantage of sharing with an online community, a ...
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started by elitrope, 6 years ago.   
Will start Paleo Tuesday
After the July 4th holiday. My fiance' found out about this diet and we are so excited. We have to do some "Kitchen Clean up/out" this weekend and do some healthy shopping for once. What ...
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started by TheRealShauna, 6 years ago.