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Paleo nutrition is gaining popularity as more and more people realize the dangers of consuming certain ingredients in our food supply that are not supportive of optimal health.

Share recipe ideas, personal experiences with health improvements, and other valuable information about dieting the Paleo way.

Paleo nutrition can be defined as eating grass fed and pasture raised protein foods, nuts and seeds, extra virgin unrefined oils like olive and coconut,and fresh organic produce.

Foods that were not available for consumption prior to the agricultural revolution are not included. Wheat, other whole grains, and dairy are not included.


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Just starting
There's a lot of recognition out there of this way as a great path toward getting your blood sugar and insulin resistance under control. Books: Atkins: The new Revolution, Primal Blueprint, Keto ...
by erikahollister on 27 Jul 16 12:56 PM
I have a bit of "leaky Gut" issues as well. After reading up on it, I decided to do a "Bone Broth Cleanse". I started it last Tuesday and I can't believe how good I feel. Good ...
by Garand69 on 30 May 16 11:24 AM
Best Way To Drink Coffee
Hey Everyone! try to find Green Leaf Stevia which is not processed into a white powder and use it in moderation.
by bellcurvz on 10 Apr 16 09:37 AM
What do you eat as a paleo breakfast?
We have been on Paleo for 6 weeks. Have yogurt with spoon of honey, lil fresh fruit. Or, 2 eggs, 2 bacon. Or cottage cheese and boiled egg. For sweets we make: http://www.cutthewheat.com/201... After ...
by rontravis on 22 Mar 16 08:38 AM
Fruit is a natural WHOLE food. There is NOTHING wrong with eating whole fruits. Just avoid fruit in smoothies. I don't know your weight/health but a good rule of thumb is to keep fruit to two servings ...
by Panigale1199 on 21 Jan 16 07:52 AM

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Bacon & Mushroom Scrambled Eggs (Recipe on my blog!)
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Pork Porterhouse
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