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Share experience, strength, and hope! Let's help one another on the journey. Together and with HP's help, we can conquer compulsive overeating.


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Hello, I'm here. Doing Oa & Keto diet. I'm pretty active in Oa, what with about 30 county-wide meetings. Dumb thing, tho, so many are overlapping. Looking for an online food sponsor ...
by terrygasca on 30 Apr 16 01:05 PM
Looking for on-line food sponsor.
Hello, anyone out there try to take on being my food sponsor? I've been following Keto or LCHF for 4 months. Pretty active in local oa, but can't find anyone on Keto diet. and I don't ...
by terrygasca on 30 Apr 16 01:28 AM
abstinence for me is avoiding all sugar & Flour & processed foods & drive-thrus. Since starting Keto 1/1/16, the list to avoid has gotten longer. No weight loss, but a bit of inches ...
by terrygasca on 30 Apr 16 01:19 AM
OA 12 step workbook
I hit a big snag in Step 8. I did not want to add myself to the list of persons that I owe amends. After talking it over with my sponsor and online, I decided I belonged on that list. I have caused myself ...
by LO-Carb Karen on 29 Apr 16 01:19 PM
Please and Thank You
I am very pleased with my meetings. Everyone is so kind and considerate. It is very helpful to me as I was used to isolating. They are really helping me. OA works if you work it. Thanks for listening.
by LO-Carb Karen on 07 Apr 16 11:15 AM

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