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everyone is welcome to join us in supporting those working night shift wanting to obtain a healthy weight.


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Working night shift just like a day.
Good day everyone, I want to give some encouragement to all the night shift workers. It can be done. I work night shift 5 nights a week, have been for a year and a half and so far I've lost 53 ...
by ConnieKras on 03 Aug 13 07:48 PM
When you work nights how do you record your meals and exercise? Do you still do midnight to midnight or do you do from the tie you wake up to the time you go to bed? for instance, I ate Lean Cuisine at ...
by sstarlin001 on 26 Mar 13 05:33 PM
I work 4 10hr overnight shifts weekly and find it very difficult as well. I used to eat supper when I got to work but then I thought I was eating too heavy too late. However if I eat supper at home....I ...
by dhunt64 on 30 Dec 12 10:27 PM
Food diary
I have decided to start my day when I wake up in the afternoons or night..and begin my day. Even though it is late in the actual day..it is still the start of my work day..so I'm tracking it from ...
by mlb145 on 20 Nov 11 08:25 AM
Eating on nightshift
I've been on nights for years and still can't get my meals straight!
by Rhianna on 16 Oct 11 09:04 AM

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