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The goal is to be happy with ourselves, not hate what you look like or feel crummy inside. So not matter your goal(s), we can support one another in obtaining these goals =)

Exercise: I tend to sit around a lot. I sit a lot at work, I sit in my car during my commute home and then I get home and lay in bed watching tv until I go to sleep. That being said, if I just got my body up in a non-sitting position and moved a little bit I bet I can make a huge difference. Plus, there are few "exercises" that I really enjoy like swimming and walking and even playing tennis. If I'm having fun, then I'm more likely to do it. Find what movement you enjoy and make sure you incorporate that into your lifestyle and lets see how it goes.

Nutrition: I eat too much fast/processed foods and save little time to cook at home. I know I should cook for myself, I just don't. We can support one another with great ideas of foods that taste great, are easy to make and still will help us meet our goals.


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Sugar Cravings
When your body has cravings, it's usually a sign that your body is lacking something. For example, when a person craves carbs, it's often because they are in a heavy calorie deficit, bananas for ...
by missheartme on 02 Oct 12 12:17 PM
New to Group
I just joined myself :)
by mayumiuchiha on 21 Jul 12 09:04 PM
This website helped so much! But I haven't reached my goal weight, I'm more of a healthy weight of 121lbs at 5'4.
by Rockstarmoma on 06 Feb 12 03:45 PM
Sugar addict with 3 days of no sugar and no bread
Cut out ALL soda. It ruins your insides and diet soda has other chemicals that throw off your metabolism!!! I finally did it after 10 years. Also no caffeine. Thanks for the advice!
by Pamela T on 12 Jan 12 09:38 PM
I'm here to help
Hi OC Support group! I just wanted to lend a hand and give anyone any support they may need to have to get moving and make a change! From what the posts sounded like, many people are struggling to get ...
by Aubreyfit on 21 May 11 10:16 PM

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