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whole body nutritional cleansing, cellular replenishing & youthful aging program.Isagenix is a cleansing program. I thought cleansing meant you would be in the bathroom all day. not so I started 10days ago on a 30 day program thus far i have lost 19 3/4 overall. I have RA Im disable, unable to take care of my self i havent worked in 6 months. The results of the last ten days with Isagenix are great have gone to the park all this week with my grandbabies!Do 2 Isagenix shakes a day, snacks & chocolate,a hot meal,& Water.. Water is important it helps flush out the toxics.I purchased a 30 day kit for $326 it has everything.Please check out these sites Isamovie.com or Isagenix.com research send email sparkle691953@gmail.com


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