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Breastfeeding can help you lose your baby weight, but sometimes it is not enough! This is a group for nursing mothers who are looking to lose weight, while maintaining their milk supplies.


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Extended Nursing
Hi, yes I have had that with my second baby. I felt the milk shift down since she was eating so much more food than nursing. I adjusted my diet and she started running and I logged everything. My third ...
by fairymom on 27 Aug 15 02:53 PM
I always gain while I am nursing
I got those super sweet tooth cravings about 6weeks post birth. I upped my good fats. Took omega 3s, avocados daily. It really helped. Nursing craves fat if you don't have it it masked for sugar for ...
by fairymom on 09 Jul 15 10:49 PM
Trying to stick to strict Paleo!
Hello mommas out there, I am new to this site and finally decided to download the app as an accountability thing so I can stay active, motivated and keep track of my daily intake of foods, carbs, protein, ...
by Fitkay on 18 Jun 15 03:36 AM
Advice Needed
F thank you for your response
by WigLee on 06 Jun 15 10:59 AM
How do you find time to cook?
The freezer is your friend. If you prepare foods in bulk, you can freeze the leftovers. Also, I use a manual processor; it saves a lot of time cutting vegetables.
by haesel on 01 Sep 14 01:31 PM

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Dec 2011; 202 lbs & 9 months pregnant!!
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Easter (March) 2013 with kids
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Halloween 2013 with kids
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