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Breastfeeding can help you lose your baby weight, but sometimes it is not enough! This is a group for nursing mothers who are looking to lose weight, while maintaining their milk supplies.


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I always gain while I am nursing
As of today, my baby is 6 weeks old. With each of my children, I gained less than 20 lbs during the pregnancy, lost most of it within a week of giving birth then started to gain 2 to 5 lbs a week for the ...
by swannsnest on 25 Aug 14 08:17 AM
Well I am challenge
What is the 100days challenge? I'm always up for a new challenge to participate it. Keeps things from getting too boring.
by Cindaian on 15 Jul 14 11:49 AM
How do you find time to cook?
My twins are now 6mo and I too wear one child sometimes while the other naps. Often I buckle them into a swing, high chair, or a portable bassinet facing me from the kitchen entry way. Life is slowly ...
by Binary5 on 01 Dec 13 01:24 PM
Is it ok to take pills to help loosing weight?
Thank You very much for Your reply. Very useful information and based on personal experience. I will read more about the supplements and look for them in my country. Thank You so much
by fafy valkama on 25 Nov 13 07:25 PM
Breast feeding yet gaining weight!
Hi, I've managed to get it under control recently (Am on the 5 2 fasting diet now), but for the first 6 months of my babies life I was gaining weight at a shocking rate!!! I just couldn't und ...
by AscensionGirl on 30 Sep 13 09:34 AM

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Dec 2011; 202 lbs & 9 months pregnant!!
by Cindaian
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Feb 2013
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Easter (March) 2013 with kids
by Cindaian
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Halloween 2013 with kids
by Cindaian

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