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Share your experiences, successes and even short-comings. Come on, join us and be part of a fun group that understands and we'll support you.


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Lost over 40 pounds and have gained almost all of it back!
jncboyer I liked your post, I too will have a few chips when out, I think that is the thing to do so you won't pig out. don't deny yourself, just don't have them on hand. My husband still has ...
by Nedra Plante on 05 Dec 13 08:34 PM
Hello everyone... saw this group while browsing. It literally screamed at me. :) I'm out of excuses. Yes I'm super busy at work and at home but I absolutely need a change. I'm super un ...
by cymtz on 26 Aug 13 04:16 PM
I gained 20 pound since May- YIKES! Looking to lose, would love a buddy! Doing it by calorie counting and exercise! This is my time!:)
by NatAnna82 on 30 Dec 12 10:29 AM
If you find a vitamin that helps, please let me know. I feel tired every morning and do not wake up mentally until almost 10 am. Then about 4 pm, I am loosing energy again. My trainer suggested adding ...
by Blonde Woman on 20 Jun 12 08:27 AM
Hi, I am once again trying to lose weight. I could use a support system, big time. I need to lose 75 lbs before next March. I would actually like to lose it before January (I am turning 40). My step ...
by jessabridge4444 on 16 Mar 12 08:07 AM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 30-39
to lose: 10-25lb
location: Florida, 33308
categories: Dieting
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created: 19 May 2010

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valentines day is almost here and oh the temptations.
by azshome
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buddies only
last weighin: losing 6.4 lb a week Down
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