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Announcement: A Better Place
Hi everyone! A little background... Cheryl and I emailed back and forth when I decided to end my participation at LCF. Cheryl wanted to see if we could start our own forum and I didn't think that ...
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Announcement: Language
Hi ya'll. I'd like to ask everyone to refrain from using foul language in posts. I know it can add a lot of emphasis and emotion to what you are saying but I'd really like for our forum to ...
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Sticky: NK - May Version
The continuation of NK from elsewhere with a new start for the month of May.
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Leptin Reset Rules
Deb had posted this in March. I wanted to bring it over. How is it working for you Deb? Leptin reset rules Those rules are: * eating within 30 minutes of waking up * Front loading protein, working my ...
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Tips To Stay On Plan
I thought it'd be cool if we shared the things we do to keep from falling off plan or giving in to temptation or keeping calorie/fat/protein goals. Here are some of mine. What are some of yours? ...
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Rewarding Yourself
I know a lot of us in the past struggled with overeating, and using food as a reward for things we've accomplished or overcome... and that just ended in a slippery slope that led to nowhere good r ...
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NK - Food Porn!
yum yum food porn! Please post pics and recipes if you want! here are some grilled jerk chicken thighs i just made, sauce is low carb all by itself! [img]
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PA/ZA Books Thread!!
I thought I'd start a PA/ZA thread so we can tell each other about books we like and dislike :)
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LC websites & resources
Yay, we can post links here! I have a bunch of low carb sites bookmarked and thought I would share a few, in case not everyone has seen these. :) - Jenny Ruhl's LC site C... Keto - recipes, how ...
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dodgy nutritional advice
some of you may know i'm in the second module of a nutrition course, this one is all to with healthy food choices, i'm grinding my teeth a bit because its based on the standard food pyramid but ...
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CHOLESTEROL - And dealing with your doctor . . .
Thought I'd start a LIPIDS thread. My endocrinologist has switched from taking insurance to "Pay me $2,000/yr and I'll be your dr. whenever you want to see me, 'no charge.'" ...
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The forbidden topic: tracking tools!
So we can talk about tracking apps/websites now, right? :lol: I've been using MyFitnessPal on my iPad, but now that we're here at FatSecret, maybe I should get their app. Anyone using it? What ...
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Who are we missing??
I have a few people that haven't emailed me yet. Then there are a few that do not have private messages enabled. I know I need Donna (Beezer) Cpresson does not have pm enabled. Is Lindy in Louisiana ...
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Coconut cocoa bars
Does anyone have a recipe for ketone coconut cocoa bars please.
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Can you jump to unread posts?
I'm probably missing something that's perfectly obvious, but how do you go straight to the posts in a conversation that were made since you last checked in?
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