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This group is all about getting fit and staying fit, whether you are just 3 pounds - or 300 pounds overweight. You don't have to deny yourself any of the major food groups and you don't have to give up those delicacies that make you drool. You don't have to go on a plan that drops the weight that takes off the pounds, but launches your cholesterol into orbit. It's all about a lifestyle change that happens over time, that gets you fit and keeps you fit. It's about belonging to a support group that you can belong to for life. The only requirement is that you are actually determined to change.


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Why Aerobics?
ha; good to know someone still checks on this forum. Yes, motivation is the number one obstacle to both exercise and dieting. If you can do the yoga/stretching to a video, it might make it a lot more ...
by DairyKing on 12 Sep 13 04:25 PM
All or Nothing People
Congrats on your maintenance! That's awesome! I lost about 20 pounds on a really restrictive diet, and as soon as I released myself from it, I added 15 pounds right back on. Trying to do better this ...
by hyper8 on 16 Apr 13 10:58 AM
howdy, is anyone still here?
Sorry I missed you. Things kind of went south toward the end of last year, and I didn't keep up with this group. I sent you a buddy request. Yep, we are still here and believe in moderation versus ...
by DairyKing on 21 Jan 13 12:00 PM
Prepackaged Diet Food Dangers
Wow - good post. MH & I talked about it a couple of times for nothing more than the no brainer convenience but the $800 or so a month for TV dinners seemed a little crazy even for us. Did NOT know ...
by FullaBella on 18 Jan 13 12:43 PM
Adding Whey Protein to Hot Drinks
At home, when I mix up whey/protein with water and ice, I use a Ninja blender which works great. But at work, I don't have a blender, but I have a microwave. So, I did a little search to see what it ...
by DairyKing on 16 Aug 12 08:09 PM

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