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I am not a guru or any kind of expert in meditation or mindfulness techniques. I am just another fat guy who wants to get thinner and healthier. I have used some of these techniques in other areas of my life. They work better when they are shared. Religious tempermant not required--but it would not hurt either--unless it closes your mind. If that small, quiet, inner voice is telling you to look into this, you qualify.


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2 Websites to work in tandem with this group
oops, ;) I've forgotten to tell you:the websites were helpful. Thank you again
by Mona O on 04 Dec 13 12:08 AM
"Benefits and Different Types of Meditation Techniques"
Found this article that gives information on meditation. I use many of the techniques described. Here's the link: http://stress.about.com/od/low...
by SELouisiana on 20 May 13 07:01 PM
Ohmmmmmmmmm....... :)
Yes exactly. Meditation helps me *think* through my choices of food or thoughts of food so much more today. People keep telling me to try yoga bc its supposed to be a really awesome way to do medita ...
by SELouisiana on 27 Apr 13 12:57 PM
Just wanted to say hi to the group and see if I could add a little something that has been helping me be more mindful when I am eating I have been doing some work with my inner child and a lot of that ...
by Aaleigha1 on 21 Jan 12 08:35 AM
I was wondering what ideas people had for mind over food and exercise. I have a love/hate relationship with both. I love food and hate exercise. I have been trying to add more exercise but I know it is ...
by Rosesrblack on 11 Jan 12 09:46 PM

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