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1. Have to support other
2. Try to meet people within the group
and encourage them to do good.


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Good Veggies to Eat (You can eat unlimited amounts)
1. Broccoli 2. Cauliflower 3. Snowpeas 4. summer squash 5. watercress 6. celery 7. collard greens 8. mushrooms 9. eggplant 10. asparagus 11. bell peppers 12. cabbage 13. green beans 14. kale 15. tomatoes ...
by kiaeem22 on 09 Jun 11 06:21 PM

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type: Common Interest
to lose: 25-50lb
location: United States
categories: Dieting
Fitness & Exercise
Food & Nutrition
Lifestyle & Culture
members: 4
administrators: kiaeem22
created: 09 June 2011

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