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Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 12:33
So I was cruising along for almost a month on induction with good progress. Then during Superbowl Sunday I allowed myself a cheat day, and BAMM! Gained 2 pounds! Unbelievable.Doubt

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Posted: 05 Feb 2014, 13:34
Wow, that's a tough one. I cruised along for a whole week on vacation and only gained 2 lbs. Could it be more what you drank and it'll fall off as water weight in a couple days. Seems unreal with one afternoon/evening a person could eat enough to do 2 lbs worth!


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Posted: 06 Feb 2014, 08:35
You know, it's physically impossible to gain two pounds overnight. It most likely is water weight but the bigger concern is the carb cravings that you'll experience for a few days. Just get back on the wagon and up your water intake.

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