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Posted: 02 May 2013, 14:21
Hello everyone,
I'm doing a quick check in today. To everyone that asked about ketosis, I'm trying to find that link and can't seem to. I did find this though: Beginner's Guide to Dietary Ketosis.
How drastically you have to curtail them depends upon your degree of carbohydrate sensitivity and the low-carb program you’ve chosen to follow, but most individuals find they have to limit themselves to somewhere around 20 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per day in order to enter the state of Ketosis. However, carbohydrate tolerance is extremely individual as the follow video explains.

Now, I've not gone over 20 grams of net carbs a day, so I can't say yet what my threshold is.

Hope that helps some!
- Toni

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Posted: 02 May 2013, 23:12
Man I am tired today and have a big weekend ahead... My youngest turns 3 tomorrow!

You guys crack me up, I just love reading your posts...

What's wrong with them? Lol. Truth is we got a dozen from a neighbor who was being nice (she has chickensSmile) and we had just bought 2 dozen at the store. Ha! So I boiled a dozen and made mini quiches with some and we'll, my husband is becoming supportive (yey!!!) and making breakfast for me in the morning (yep, you guessed it...scrambled) so that's the deal with the eggs. I think we are about done with them... I have been copying your recipes tho and hope to make some soon.

Chat tomorrow. Keep it up Team LC!


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Posted: 03 May 2013, 05:56
Morning everyone, Fri, again. Just can't believe how quick the weeks go, seems I type in Mon and next it's Fri. Life really needs to slow down a whole lot while I enjoy it some.

I'm really happy to see everyone is working hard to get to where they have aimed to be for so long, good job. Keep going, it's not that far away the way time flies, you'll be there in no time at all.

Start with today, eat right, move and shake and drink that water, you'll be glad that you did!

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 06:08
Happy Friday all! Just checking in.....
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Posted: 03 May 2013, 06:20
Good morning, happy Friday, and thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone!!

Tony- Good information on ketosis...thanks for posting that link.

Myrna- I'd LOVE to do lunch with you sometime!! How fun would that be?? If it's going to take 40 lbs, then get those 40 lbs off quickly, my friend! (But I think you're beautiful just the way you are!) Very Happy

Gina- I think 40 carbs/day is too high for me too. I went over my daily allotment of carbs yesterday, so today I'm really watching it. I still need to get those keto-strips to find out where I'm at. The link that Tony posted had a video of a guy that said that you know you're in ketosis when you have a funny taste in your mouth. I know all about that, but I don't really have a funny taste in my mouth and I've been low-carbing for months. Has this been your experience, or does it vary from person to person? Just wondering...

Rachel- Today must be Day 5 for you. Good for you! Keep it up!!

Brenda- Happy birthday to your youngest! I hope it's a wonderful day for both of you!!

The sun is shining today, so that means I get to run outside. Yeah!!! It is just so beautiful in Florida this time of year.

I hope everyone has a fun-filled, low-carb Friday!! Here's to the weekend!



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Posted: 03 May 2013, 07:26
Morning everyone. Sooo glad its Friday. If it ever quits raining hubby and I will take a fishing trip. Local Rose Festival starts tomorrow. I wanna go!

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 08:30
Day 5 of being back on track. I’m beginning to give away ounces again and those ounces add up to pounds. I have the whole day of just spending time with “the boy” and I’m really looking forward to getting to spend some time with him. I’m also going to search though and find some different recipes to use up some eggs. I’m also going to try to get caught up on laundry and other house work. Hopefully all this housework will count some toward exercise and then taking Ben (the boy) to the park later if it doesn’t rain will surely give me some exercise. This should keep me busy and not worrying so much about snacking all day. I’m looking forward to finding my size 14 pants again and aiming toward 12s.

Toni—Thank you for that link on Ketosis. I think I’m going to watch it a couple more times to make sure I got everything—ya know with the little one running around screaming and all. I hope things are slowing down just a tiny bit for you. You’ve got to get your rest to keep up your energy.

Brenda—I completely understand you being done with eggs. I keep opening my refrigerator and seeing 3-4 dozen eggs and wondering how in the world I’m going to manage to fix AND eat enough stuff with eggs to use those suckers. I also get an additional 3 dozen eggs/month with the WIC program. So I’m just about done with eggs too but I’m going to search through and see if I can find some new recipes that I can hopefully convince the rest of the family to eat too.

Sunkeeper—First, that ticker is such a pretty BLUE and you’re holding on to it so very well. Congrats to you! It seems like the days are flying by these days. You are completely right—life needs to slow down a little so we can all take time to enjoy it.

Almost50nfab—Happy Friday!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Julie—Today is day 5 and I’m excited to be back on track and feeling so much better. I have the day off and an 18 month old full of energy. I think we’re going to take a trip to the park today if it doesn’t rain. More exercise for both of us. As for the funny taste that the guy was talking about in the video, I can tell I’m in Ketosis as soon as it starts because I get a metallic taste in my mouth—like I’ve been chewing on aluminum foil or something. Lots of SF gum has been my saving grace.

Dialup—I sure hope it quits raining so you can enjoy a good fishing trip! That Rose Festival sounds like lots of fun! I hope the weather is nice so you can get out and enjoy the day tomorrow—all that walking around is just an added bonus!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully healthy day full of excellent food choices and fat melting.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 09:41
Morning all!
Still crazy busy but things are easing the tiniest bit.

I am fully back on track and the results are stating to show. I realized that I have to tackle my stress eating issues and work on being more mindful of what I put into my mouth when stressed. After all, the stress will probably never completely go away.
So yeah, working on that.

Julie - from what I understand, that dragon breath and metallic taste are a symptom of ketosis, yes. But it's also a symptom of too much protein. Angie posted a really great post here to figure out how much protein you should be getting.

We learned in the "Fat Info" section how to determine the amount of Protein we need when eating low-carb. While it's important not to get too much, it's also important not to get too little. To figure out what your minimun Protein requirement is, the standard method used by nutritionists to estimate our minimum daily protein requirement is to multiply your weight in kilograms by .8, or multiply your weight in pounds by .37. This is the number of grams of protein that should be the daily minimum.

Although it is controversial, there is evidence that people engaging in endurance exercise (such as long distance running) or heavy resistive exercise (such as body building) can benefit from additional protein in their diets. One prominent researcher in the field recommends 1.2 to 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight per day for endurance exercisers and 1.7 to 1.8 grams per kg per day for heavy strength training.

Quite a few programs and nutritionists quote percentage of calories, usually in the range of 10 percent to 20 percent, as a way to figure out how much protein a person needs to consume daily. This is a rough estimate of a person's minimum protein needs. It works because typically, larger and more active people need more calories, so the more calories they need, the more protein they will get.

Where this falls down is when people are eating diets that are lower in calories for any reason, conscious or not. People who are ill or losing weight, for example, do not need less protein just because they are eating fewer calories -- so anyone on a weight loss diet should not go by the above-mentioned percent of calories method of calculating protein needs.

(Side note: Personally, I try to keep my Protein percentage around 25% of my caloric intake.)

Can you eat too much Protein? Too little?

A low carb diet should not be a high protein diet. Too much protein raises the amount of circulating insulin in your body and contributes to the dragon's breath that is such a common, and unfortunate side effect of low carb dieting. Once you have eaten enough protein to repair your muscles and provide material from which the liver can synthsize the small amount of extra glucose your neurons may need when you are eating a very low carb diet, there's no need to eat more.

When your carbohydrate intake level drops to a level too low to supply your brain with the glucose it requires, you need to eat extra protein, which your liver can convert to glucose. However, once your body has adapted to a ketogenic state, your brain will switch to burning ketones in place of some glucose. This lowers the amount of extra protein you need to eat.

You don't want to overdo protein. Excess protein causes the famous stinky breath too often associated with low carb diets. Eating too much protein that converts into carbohydrate can also raise blood sugar and has the potential to stall weight loss.

I, personally, have to be mindful of my protein intake and if you've been following low carb faithfully and you aren't losing, you may fall into the percentage of people that convert extra protein into glucose.

I'm off for a bit but I'll check in again later.

Oh, I got a bag of coconut flour in yesterday so I'm going to scout recipes to use it with.
i have several new recipes to post as soon as I get a minute.
I am an unashamed foodie so I love this WOE.

- Toni

Starting weight 212 on 1/10/14
Mini goal: 182
Mini Goal: 162
Mini Goal: 142
Mini Goal: 125

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 10:37
Hey Toni, thanks for that article about protein. I had read not long ago that if you don't eat enough it can cause water retention. This morning I had water again in my hands now looking at yesterday I only had 16 gms of protein where I should be eating 55 per day. Goes to show some of what you read it actually correct!

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 10:57
Rowan sloooooowly climbs out of the migraine fog and sits in front of the computer screen (gosh it is bright). Migraine and allergies have eaten my week. I even missed a day of visiting my friend in the rehab center. Darkened room and lots of sleep was my last couple of days.

I spent an inordinate amount of time messing with FatSecret this morning. Everything I do... from posting a journal entry to weighing into whatever... gives an error message. So I am never sure what has registered and what hasn't. I had decided I would adjust my start date/weight to my real date/weight from when I first started FS. I got the usual error message and I checked it several ways and it didn't look like it worked. So I changed my diet which resets everything and that worked and at least starts my ticker from now. Then I saw that the original change back to April 2010 and 220 had worked and was showing my 42.2 lb loss instead of my gain from 163 which it had been showing these last few months. But since I restarted my diet it just shows zero lost. I went back and tried to fix it again and... this time it put my CURRENT weight at 220. Um, no. So I guess I'm just going to go on from here. I know FS is free (ad supported) and you get what you pay for. But dang, the UI is so bad.

Haha, Sunkeeper, wtg with the nephew. You obviously rock!

Jaime, I know it will get better for you when you can your daughter can communicate. It is hard sometimes having my daughter 400 miles away in Southern California but I know she has to live her own life. At least we can email/text regularly!

Huh, Gina, I've never heard of Monk fruit as a sweetener. Let us know how that goes. Smile

Rachel, totally agree about the evilness of scales. I weigh every morning too. I used to weigh weekly but currently I'm bouncing around enough that I wanted to see the daily weights.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend.

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -- Maya Angelou

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 11:44
Checking in...
Goal 210 lbs

05/03/13 - 274.5 lbs
04/22/13 - 288.0 lbs


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Posted: 03 May 2013, 11:49
Nice to see you cgg01!! COngrats on weight reduction to this point. You can do it!!

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 16:22
Hi There!! Happy Friday.. Quick check in, hope everyone is doing well today! I've been back on the strict Induction for the past 7 days and I am happy to say I have broke the weight mark of 168-170 I have been holding for the past month or so...
I had a great workout this morning and now I am back at the norm.. kids, household etc..

Again, hope everyone is doing well and having a great Low Carb Day!!

Carb Tracker...

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Posted: 03 May 2013, 21:04
***started at 6:34am FS wouldn't let me finish until 8:55PM.. what??? 14 hours?? I think they took my "complaint to the management (Below) a little to seriously LOL**

Okay,I'm betting by now you guys wish I couldn't type as fast as I talk!
Today I'm going to post BEFORE my walk as my walk partner has called in late. Great! Of course I weighed in, I always do, cause that's just me. I remind my self of the previous weight. I close my eyes tight and will my scale to be down .2 and step on. I don't care WHAT it says, I step on once, get off, write it down and forget about it. No matter what it is. Today, it's up .6. Do I care? Heck no. Tomorrow I'll start from whatever number that was. The daily weigh in and tracking it is just to go back and look at what a pretty wavy line I made!!! I'm a coastal girl, so I kind of view it like a shore wave. For you landlubbers, if you look out over the water you will see huge swells, beautiful to be sure, but large and potentially dangerous. The closer they get to land the smaller and less forceful they become. Sometimes they crash into the beach, but mostly the just fade away into the sand. That's me, I just want that fat to fade away into the beach. The difference is that I'm NOT heading back out to sea to regain... I'm just gonna walk up on the beach and get a little sun! haha.
Guess what??? Today (after the scale) I realized that if I was just 7ft 1 1/2 inches I would NOT be overweight!!!! Okay, so I'll start on the growing thing. I wonder if inversion boots could help stretch you?!?!?
I love this group. Just another piece of proof that no one in this life is that different from another. I guarantee that no 2 of us are really that similiar, but united by ONE thing. Stop and think about how amazing that is. That we can be so supportive of one another, people you would probably never run across anywhere else in your life can be so instrumental in such a huge part of it.
*****my post wouldn't go, so I'm finishing at 845pm****

Rachel I don't think I have enough self control for the cream cheese clouds. I have, however, treated myself to celery sticks with cream cheese the last two days. I applaud people who can stop themselves, and MOST of the time I don't have any trouble, but the looks of those things... nah. Gonna have to wait. And, for your 77 year old neighbor, MY 92 year old neighbor got sent home last week, the day after her gall bladder surgery, ALONE. I was doing my four miles this morning and she was up and out, watering her plants. Her advice to me "Keep Moving"... I'm thinking they know something.

JulieYou can take a look at my food diary, my carb counts and my calorie count and my exercise diary and my weight loss history and you will have no problem seeing that, even on maintenance I could never do 40 net. I AM going to Toni's link and see what I can find out. The "Funny Taste" thing, also doesn't apply to me. I've never had that and I stayed in ketosis 3 years the last time. Hopefully you will, seems like it would be an easy indicator and a whole lot cheaper than ketostix!!!

Brenda Girl, you better learn to L O V E scrambled eggs! If my husband cooked breakfast for me I'd have to call in a food taster!!
Gotta love birthdays. I'm envious. I love little kid birthdays. Doesnt' take much of anything to make them a magical time for a kid.

cgg Welcome!.. Feel free to say anthing you like Smile

Dorothy Good for YOU! Glad to see you back in the saddle! Nothing feels better than when those stubborn pound marks move.

Rowan I was afraid something must have happened to you. You know what I just realized? I had horrid migranes my whole life. So bad that I couldn't stand the sound of my own blood whooshing around in my body. I had some SERIOUS drugs for those. I would lose days at a time, then when the pain finally subsided I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck.....I just this MINUTE realized I haven't had a migrane since I completed menopause.... sheesh, I'll have to ask the Dr about that.
BUT, truthfully, I can honestly say I empathize, and I'm truly sorry for you.
As far as FS, you are correct, you get what you pay for.... although I don't remember registering or asking for a healthy dose of aggravation! I just keep switching back and forth between .ca and .com and I'm hoping

Myrna Just hang in there! My ticker kicked in (just in time for me to be up .6 lol), and I'm SURE yours will too. It just doesn't seem fair for someone to get as far as you have and NOT be able to see it on their ticker. I'm thinking I'm gonna file a complaint with the management!

ToniPhenomenal information! You rock with the website info. I did understand about the protein, but I never got the dragon breath thing. I'm assuming that I must be getting close to the right about of protein. I did want to say though that using that formula to calculate the protein (.7 and .37) should be applied to the GOAL weight, not the weight you are now. We had an issue with that a few years back. Can't really remember all of it but I'll try to look it up. Thank you for the video link also. Great info.
Glad to see that you are finally catching up with your life, it does seem to spin out of control on ocassion for all of us I suppose.

Okay all, I'm sorry, FS ate the rest. I'm tooooo tuckered to do it again!
We had a BEAUTIFUL WINTER day here at the coast (48/72). Does driving a tractor for 6 1/2 straight hours count for exercise? Haha.

Remember, who's worth the effort?
"Nothing happens in this life that cannot be fixed, forgotten or forgiven." Gina

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Posted: 04 May 2013, 05:02
Checking in for a Sat morning, so good to see so many having success.

Rowan, sorry your not up to snuff, that's a real bummer for sure.

Gina, I just sent a note along with my forever error message too, I told them this has been going on since the day I joined the site and that I was glad I wasn't one of their advertisers or I'd be some disappointed that in that time their IT dept can't get simple errors fixed such as weigh in. It's a daily thing, I have to weigh in twice each morning or the stupid ticker they provide doesn't work. If this message disappears you'll know why!

Dorothy, good job, keep working on it now that you've got it working for you. Love it when things work out so you can go back and look to see what does work for you if and when it's necessary.

cgg, glad to have you back again, don't believe we've met yet. Congrats on your loss so far.

Rachel, it's so good to have you back posting again, missed you.

Hope you get some fishing in Jen over the weekend. It's been so beautiful in southern Ontario this week, almost need some rain now. Just can't please us at all, lol.

Julie, here's hoping your weekend is great too.

Toni, already thanked you for the info on protein. Ate my fair share yesterday and will be more conscience in the future with it now.

Jaime, we've all become "attached" to your daughter, wait for news about her all the time now so make sure you keep up with the updates.

Who'd I miss? If it happens to be you it certainly wasn't intentional. Still missing a bunch of the other members and wish they'd get back here. Guess they will when it's their time as this journey is a personal choice for all of us. Once the decision is made it becomes a team effort to make sure we meet our goals, stay at our goal and help the others along to sit at the finish line with us. Encourage, assist, and learn more. Every bit of knowledge we gain helps each of us no matter where we sit at the moment in the journey. Hope you pick up one bit of info that helps you today.

*edit, ticker is stuck on yesterday even though I tried both .ca and .com this morning. Dam thing!

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Posted: 04 May 2013, 08:16
Good morning!

Carb, i tried the whole pray-to-get-taller-thing most of my life lol. Im 5-3 in shoes. My grandmother used to say "Just because God CAN do all things, doesnt mean he WILL." If He had I'd be 9 feet tall by now.
Never tried inversion boots, but i did get grounded for breaking the shower curtain rod trying to "stretch myself." (Age 11)

Rowan, I have migraines associated with PMDD, I feel your pain. Fortunately, changing my eating habits lessened the frequency and severity, I have not had one in a year. Praying for u grl.

Sun, you are awesome, love that blue ticker
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 04 May 2013, 09:47
Good Morning....I am in cleaning mode and I am in baking wants Chicken Enchilada's and I am going to make the califlower cilantro lime rice to go with it...and a batch of banana bread....guess Ill make the Zuccini Dorito chips for myself!

Have a great day, I'll be back later!
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Posted: 04 May 2013, 10:10
Good morning! Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back! It is wonderful to be back!!! I see lots of new faces that weren't here last December when I fizzled out.

We drove to Minneapolis last night to help my brother's family. His 5 month old just got out of the hospital after a 4 months stint. She's got tubes everywhere, but is so much better than she was. Looking forward to the bone marrow transplant next month!!!!

Dorothy and Rachel - Keep it up, you're doing great!!
Carb Tracker - I enjoy your posts, you are the highlight of my morning!
Myrna - that sounds good... I'm coming over! Smile
Rowan - sorry to hear about your migraine... no fun! Prayers for you!
Toni - thanks for the ketosis info
Sunkeeper... you're my inspiration today!


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Posted: 04 May 2013, 13:42
Hey Everyone

So have SIL , niece and nephew staying with us this weekend. Had one "off plan" choice last night, but it was worth not seeing a loss on scale tomorrow if that happens (notice how I am planning for the worst here?). Woke up and had ketones though for whatever THAT is worth. Beginning to question the relevance...

Anyway, going for a jog tomorrow (first time in years) and I am a little nervous.

Bye for now,

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Posted: 04 May 2013, 15:44
Brenda, good luck with your jog tomorrow. Bet you will feel great afterwards.

I have enjoyed reading every bodies posts today on Low Carb Daily Check In (my favourite group). Nice to know that we all share this wonderful way of eating (and life) Low carb is the best. Have a great weekend everyone.

~ Celeste ~
Never... ever give up! ♥ ♥