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Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 14:50
Jamie, thats great about the hubbys A1C! It will keep coming down, I am in diabetic remission now, completely controlled by diet, no meds!

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Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 15:00
Hel to the Lo everyone Smile

I feel like I "binged" yesterday, but in reality just went over carbs (around 35), but darn it, I don't care! I was hungry and tired of feeling low energy and crabby, so I ate. I also enjoyed some "ice cream" with the kids. It was YUMMY and not too bad as far as carbs. It was made out of coconut and had no sugar (stevia sweetened). Gotta love ice cream social with my little ones... They are young for such a short amount of time.
Back on the wagon, hanging on to Rowan!!! Not going anywhere Wink

Rachel: Good job on the Atkins bowl! I made some no crust quiches in muffin pan that I froze just for that reason.

Sunkeeper: You make me laugh! Nope, not married for 20 years, let's see (thinking...) 3 1/2,a ha ha... BUT, i believe i told him to shut up on our first date and he's still "all in". The high carb health perception is deeply ingrained in our culture, it's not just him. Hell, as I stated earlier, that's ALL I learned about with the Nutrition degree. Good thing I also learned Biochemistry and how to critically read research studies or it would have been a total waste! That is why the book "Art and Science of Low Carb Lifestyle" made so much sense to me... biochemistry. Something has to change in this society riddled with fake food and HFCS.

Anyway, hi Jaime and I am super happy you got to connect with your daughter!

Tenkilos: He did low carb for about a week and a half, lost 10 lbs and then got sucked in to bread and all the good stuff again... Don't get me started.

I have to get back to work, but Have a Great Day Everyone!!


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Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 20:28
Hi Everyone.. Checking in on this wonderful Tuesday late afternoon! Sounds like everyone is doing great.. Hanging in there and holding on!! My willpower has built back up so I'm strict Atkins for the past 5 days so when I weigh in end of this week hope there is a little progress.. Don't know how much because the TOM is here!! Sad

Linda .. so glad to hop on and see your post! haven't seen you in a minute..

Rachel.. I had my low carb breakfast which could have been a lunch or dinner.. Have to switch it up a little - girlfriend was getting tired of eggs/bacon for breakfast! lol lol lol.. glad you are back and hanging in as well.

Jaime.. So good to hear that you talked to your DAUGHTER! That brought tears to my eyes.. I know you are so happy now and you can think a little clearer.. Great news!

Sunkeeper.. Yes I am back and hanging in.. as I have said before your posts always puts some inspiration in my days..

Rowan.. Hang in there!! You can do it! We've all been there.. Heck I just got off a nice splurge session..

Toni.. get your rest, you have been working hard girlie! You deserve to "post" on the couch!! lol lol.. Wink

Myrna.. keep smiling! Very Happy... Hopefully soon I will be able to try a salad without any dressing...

PDX don't be a victim to the scales.. Try to set a day once a week to weigh in.. if not you will torture yourself!! I've learned the hard way!

Everyone please have a great evening and will be reading - catching up on these posts!


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Posted: 01 May 2013, 04:39
Happy Wed, happy hump day, happy to have woken up on the green side of the grass where the sun will shine and temps will climb climb climb, it's spring time and I'm lovin it!

Had the BEST day yesterday which is still bringing a smile to my face this morning. I have a 19 year old grandson who just completed his first year of college in Police Foundations, he does Cross Fit training 3 times a week to complete the physical part of the coarse. We headed out on a walk/run yesterday in the beautiful weather on the trail behind our place which took us we figure 5 miles through the bush and across the dam. By the end of it the kid was almost DEAD and I could have gone on longer! He was complaining how his legs hurt, his feet hurt, his back hurt, it was hilarious! Sure brings a smile to my face knowing a 62 year old grandmother is in better shape than this wet behind the ears teenager who I thought was in really good condition! My work has paid off in more ways than numbers on a scale, I feel soooooo good.

Jaime I'm so happy to hear your daughter has checked in, hoping you got the information you needed even though that dang letter never appeared. Way to go with DH's numbers too, hope he keeps with the plan to bring them down further. Lots for you to be smiling about too, now it's time to look after Jaime and not worry about the others so much, they appear to be doing really well with your gentle lead.

Jen, you make me happy too, keep up the control with the diet, far better than putting artificial stuff in you every day and while it's great for the people who need it to stay alive you can do better and are proving it. If only we could get more to follow your lead, you'd be a great speaker at a diabetes support group, living proof the effort you put forth has lasting rewards.

Brenda, you'll learn as time goes on that men just don't think the way women do, I'm not even sure what it is they use to think with as the older they get the less sense they seem to make. Good thing you've set him straight from the get go, proud of you for that cause your going to need it in the future!

Dorothy, way to go girl! Determination will pay off for you, now stretch that 5 days into 5 more so we can all have a big cheer for your numbers once the total 10 day numbers are revealed. Grab onto Rowan's hand and drag her behind our wagon if you have to but lets work together to get her 5 days of good eating too.

Come on Rowan, run to catch us, hop up and hang on, with this crew your in for the ride of your life girl! Don't want to have to send you to boot camp, if you can do a fat fast for 2 days you can do strictly induction for 3 then we'll stretch you for all we're worth and get it to 5 to see if you can out do Dorothy. I know you can do it if you want to, they all know you can do it, you have in the past. Biggest thing is YOU know YOU can do it with some effort and shear stubbornness. This wagon gets bumpy for all of us sometimes along the journey but if you hang on tight it won't knock you off if you don't want it to.

For all the wagon rider members, remember our lengthy discussion a few months back, if your cheating on what your eating or not exercising the only person that will suffer or the only one being cheated is you. If a loved one cheated on you how would it feel? Don't let yourself down, don't accept behavior from yourself you wouldn't accept from your children or your spouse. Disappointment is not a nice feeling but knowing your doing the best you possibly can brings a smile to everyone's face and lightens up the load. Laugh at yourself for any missteps taken, so you tripped, walk tall and suck it all in, you can and will treat your body with respect once you see what the rest of us do in you, your worth the extra effort!

Happy low carbing on this mid week day. Try to move some and try to shake more and don't forget, drink some more water!

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Posted: 01 May 2013, 06:01
Happy Wednesday all - just checking in - will need to catch up on all the posts over the weekend - it has been crazy with work and packing...
Have a good one!!
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Posted: 01 May 2013, 08:44
Morning everybody! Down another pound. Woo-hoo!
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 01 May 2013, 10:34
Good Morning...all is well!

Have a great day...back later when I can stay....Smile
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Posted: 01 May 2013, 10:39
Good morning!

I had a great work out this morning after almost telling myself that I was gonna skip it today (sore from Mon still). So, I am starting off this day feeling good about what I have accomplished Smile

I gotta run, but am drinking water and packed low carb food for the day.


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Posted: 01 May 2013, 12:14
dailup Thank you! I am so pleased; now if I could just get him to go on some walks with me that would help. The doctor also told him to get exercise. He also take medication for BP and cholesterol (those numbers are looking a lot better) so we are headed in the right direction with him. Congrats on the loss!!

Brenda sounds like some pretty healthy ice cream (as ice cream goes!). Way to go on starting your day out with some exercise to get you headed on the right path. I have been doing this since October and it took my Husband about 5 months to join me and that was with his doctor saying "man you need to cut out the carbs or I am going to have to adjust your medicine and it is really going to tear your stomach up when I do" LOL! Once he started doing it and got over "the hump" he told his co-workers "I don't usually believe in this stuff, but it REALLY works".

Dorothy I am sure you will see some positive changes even with TOM, and when TOM is gone probably even more.

Sunkeeper Sounds like your grandson needs to start training with you!!! You are right have to learn to spend more time reflecting on me. Sometimes it is harder said than done (I am a doer and a pleaser!). Example: last night DH says I asked xxxx how much to come clean our carpets. I said: I can do it while you are gone (he is out of town for the next two days on business). He got upset with me. Said that I work hard and did not need to do that; that he could not understand why I have a hard time letting someone else do it and lighten my load. I guess because I feel like "less than" if I am not doing it all.

Rowan Hang in there. It does work and don't let the scale lie to you. I have gone weeks with no loss and then it picks up again, but in the meantime the inches are melting. When you trip or fall just get up and dust yourself off. I often remind myself "it is not about what I want right now it is about what I REALLY want as an end result". Sometimes that helps me keep my focus.

Thanks for all of the kind comments with regards to my daughter. I miss her terribly, but I realize that is not going to change. However, I think it may lessen some one she is through boot camp and we can communicate more again. I am so proud of her that I could explode. Also, at the same time I am nervous because she still has a long way to go. I know she can do it as long as she stays focused. There have been kids dropping out (taking medical discharge). It is hard on them. I am hopeful that she has some 'age' on her side. She has a year and a half of working on her side and not going in fresh out of school. She has been living with parents that get on her ass when she needs it and did not let her rip and run (even though she was of age...our house our rules). She lived with a retired Navy SEAL...I mean really she should be fine with people in your face yelling...LOL! This petite little red haired girl that is so strong now. She is like 5'4 and weighs 125#. Thank you all for your support for her and for ME. This has been hard for me; I write her everyday. Positive proud I am of her, to hang in there, that she CAN do it, that she WILL do it. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers to get through boot camp and graduate and move on to this next exciting phase of her life.

Remember be kind to yourself and the best way to do that is to treat our bodies kindly. This is the only body we have and it functions much better when we feed it properly, give it lots of water and exercise it....hahaha...kind of like a pet...hahahaha.

Have a great day!!!

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I have to restart again as I slipped. I am leaving the above so I can keep track. It happens and I have to keep learning. restart at 227 on 07/20/2017.
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Posted: 01 May 2013, 13:27
What the heck? I've been gone, what, 36 hours and i have a gazillion unread posts??? I'll never be able to catch up, but I see some pretty important stuff.

You are doing great girl! Slow and steady, it's the perfect way, and you are a perfect example of how ANYBODY can take charge and control of their lives and bodies. Heck, you should SCARE the pharmaceutical industry to death!!!! .. and another one (pound) bites the dust...

I watched EVERYDAY for word from you about your daugther... I miss a day and BOOM there it is! How wonderful for you, I'm so thankful that horrible initial wait is over. You know that girl is strong.
As for the carpets? What's the bother. Carpet cleaning is good aerobic exercise. When it's raining here and I can't walk, I shampoo carpet.. ROFL. Tell him it's "training exercises". LOL (Don't worry about not letting other people do stuff, I'd rather do it myself too!)

Since when does "healthy" and "ice cream" belong in the same sentence? Tsk.
As far as husbands, mine's been a work in progress 38 years now......I should write a book.


I am aiming for a "run" some day. Remember my catastrophic attempt earlier. My knees just can't take it. Guess I'm still just to heavy. My 4 miles in a hour is good, and I'm trying to add in some pilates but I'm doing it slowly as not to flare up my sciatica. I would faint if I had to stop walking........ that sounded stupid... LOL.. I really DREAD going, but I push myself out that door every morning and when I get back I am EXHAUSTED! Not happy, not excited, not euphoric, just thankful to say I managed one more day..LOL

I will NOT be making the cream cheese clouds. Oh NO! NO! NO! NO! I'm thinking it could be my undoing. Besides that I have a crate of Phil. Brand Full Fat cream cheese here that my store put on value sale a few months back at 45 cents for the 8 oz brick. I'm NOT good at limiting myself. I guarantee I would make those and would just eat and eat and eat till they were all gone. I'm looking over the recipe again trying to figure out how to make just 6 or so.

Speaking of food (ROFL) everybody. This just in from planet Gina (who doesn't get to earth very often). The JELLO debacle??? I know one of you guys could have told me this, instead you just sat back and laughed at the crazy girl tirade. Why didn't someone, anyone, think to say "crazy girl, use DIET Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry, Cran-Grape, Cran-Anyfruit as it only has 2GRAMS of CARBS in 8oz and it's sweetened with what???? SUCROLOSE!
Today, I bought NEVELIA (I think that's how you spell it, I'm blind and the print is T I N Y) MONK FRUIT TO GO
liquid sweetener at Walmart in a teeeny-tiiiiny bottle. I actually thought I had purchased the liquid sucrolose, but accidently put the wrong one in the buggy. SO, I have monk fruit. 1.68 fl oz/$2.89 80 servings. I get home and realize I have the wrong one, but hey, 0carbs 0cals, NO Aspartame, what more could you want. I figure it's gonna be bad. I open it so I can put it away and popped the lid and a microscopic drop flew up and hit me on the lip. I thought I was gonna go into a sugar coma. SWEEET isn't the word. I think I'll enjoy it ocassionally in my coffee. Maybe learn to cook with it, dunno.
Since I am in full blown ketosis again, I decided to try the Carbquick biscuits (remember it's been sitting there since Saturday). No way was I making a full order, not this girl. I had two beef roasts and a chicken roasting in the oven for the day so I thought what the heck, I'll give the biscuits a whirl. So. I made HALF a recipe (3 biscuits). I also make a packed omelet and 3 oz of sausage patties so I wouldn't be tempted to eat all three biscuits. Well, this is a learning curve for me to be sure. I actually "shaped" my biscuits rather than drop them. I cooked them twice as long as the recommended time and they still didn't brown (but were done, nicely). I cut one in half and ate it with butter and then I sliced a whole one and put one of the sausages in it (it sliced and held together well). But, LOL, it's definitely fiber. When you bite into it, it feels soft and tender like a regular biscuit, but then you have to chew it forever (not really a problem) then it leaves you with a biscuity aftertaste which makes you believe you've had a regular biscuit. I can see where it could have multiple uses and it DOES mimic Bisquick, but for breakfast or bread I would just as soon have a MIM, toasted. Oh, did I mention I used that the other day to make cheese toast? It was delish, and I actually made a pizza crust out of it too ( kind of like the cracker recipe, I'm sure)
Currently I'm waiting to track my ketone response to the Carbquick. It's gonna take a long time to use up a 3 pound box Smile
Oh, and for those ordering Carbquick online, Tova Industries told me that it would soon be distributed through the Meier Company to local grocers (That's the Kroger Stores).
If I can only convince you of one thing today, let it be that they put the PHONE NUMBERS of customer service on products for a REASON! They are there to answer any and all questions. USE THEM, they're TOLL FREE.
PLUS I feel like I'm doing my part in stabilizing the economy by helping these reps with job security!

Okay, I'm leaving. Be kind to yourself. By self discipline you prove your love of self. Show yourself some respect. It matters and so do you. Happy Wednesday All.

"Nothing happens in this life that cannot be fixed, forgotten or forgiven." Gina

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Posted: 01 May 2013, 13:34
Hello all,
I'm checking in on my lunch break. It's been a long, long week and it's only Wednesday.
I did manage to get a batch of low carb cheesecake made today. And, a metric ton of laundry done.
So, I feel like I'm doing marginally better.
I have a couple of carbquik recipes to add to the recipes section. I try not to use carbquik often but it is really, really good. I also have a bag of carbalose flour in my pantry that isn't even opened yet. I need to do that soon.

I'll try to check in later this evening.
- Toni

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Posted: 01 May 2013, 14:27
Carb, you make me laugh! I found myself so frustrated with the lb a week loss that I was actually considering moving to Phase 2 (Atkins) having been told over and over that this can jumpstart the losing process. I was also told to keep my percentages at 20-25% protein, 60-70% fat and getting very frustrated because the protein percentages, when right, did not match the grams amount recommended by the book
AHA moment! Not getting enough protein, WAY to much fat and calories (had to hit 1700 to get the pie chart right, and I do better around 1500 cals) So, Im gonna quit obsessing over pie charts for a week and just count grams and cals. Hopefully this will work. No pie allowed on Atkins anyway Smile

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Posted: 01 May 2013, 14:36
Yo Gina...
It was not me that used healthy and ice cream in the same sentence! Take that one up with I merely stated the carbs and sweetner used Wink But I had a little more last night and it is really good for having a net carb of 4!!!

Anyway, so I upped my carbs yesterday also (see ice cream admission above) and well, I had ketones in urine this morning! I haven't been checking, but am taking lead from you all when trying new things and such. I feel much better, esp. post kick boxing when I can refuel on something besides eggs and zucchini. We will see at the scale on Sunday. I just keep thinking that this has to be a way of living that I can deal with for a few (4ish?) months while I lose weight. I know this is a lifestyle and accept that I will need to limit carbs (actually KNEW that before gaining, but DH has fought me on this point). Anyway, that is what I have been working through this week.

Sunkeeper: You are so positive! Thanks for the head check every day.

Jaime: Thanks for sharing your experience with your husband Smile I love mine dearly, but he is as hard headed as me and well, we both get headaches to say the least!

Dialup: Congratulations on SO many levels! So happy you can control your diabetes with lifestyle vs meds (really trying to get my mom to try Atkins for the same reason) and great job on the 1 lb loss this week!!! I figure as long as it is going down, I am happy Smile

On the menu today:
Eggs this way, Eggs that way, Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!!! Oh, and some ham and a huge salad and a gallon of water Wink

Keep on Keepin' on Ladies!


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Posted: 01 May 2013, 21:17
Dear Friends!! I have missed you all! The last several months have been a little wild and my family had to shift to survival mode for a while. I've hardly touched a computer! Things have finally leveled off, and I find myself back up to 203 pounds - almost back to where I started last fall. Uggh. I truly need to learn that food is not solely for rewards and/or enjoyment. I need to learn that a taste is enough.

I appreciate everyone's transparency here. It's a safe place to be honest with myself.

So - here's to starting over!!!!

(And my ticker is stuck where I used to be - definitely not accurate)

It snowed here today in South Dakota. I love snow, but snow in May? Really?

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Posted: 02 May 2013, 04:46
3 weeks today I've been solid blue, have been within 2 lbs of goal weight though I still don't feel I have a clue what I'm doing but I guess it can't be all bad, the numbers tell me I'm doing something right. I still think that's a pretty silly color for success.

So many of my friends here appear to be doing something right as well, way to go team. Lots of success, lbs just flying past us which is wonderful to see. Health improving with a bunch of you too, can it get any better than that?

Spring has finally sprung in Ontario, while it's great to meet you Tiffany, could I ask that you please keep that dang snow out your way, I'm sick to death of the stuff and don't want to see another flake till Dec. 24th. Snow in May just shouldn't be allowed anywhere!

Jen, way to go girl, another lb down the drain, wonderful.

Brenda, why do you eat so many eggs? If your stuck for ideas have a look at my food diary, I hardly ever eat the same thing twice in a week unless it's something I love like mock danish and coconut oil candy.

Jaime I'm with you, if you want something done right do it yourself. I've paid carpet cleaning companies to come in and do mine which have looked the same when the leave as when they got here. Once over quick and there you go, carpets cleaned, NOT. Make sure you leave some time to enjoy that deck you have all spruced up now though too, life isn't all about work work work and trust me, if you don't do it today it'll still be waiting on you tomorrow. Life is to be enjoyed, you only go round once, remember?

I did find a down fall to losing weight yesterday, your going to laugh. I was out gardening, turning the soil for it's spring clean up, our dirt is mainly clay, tough hard clay. I stuck the shovel in the ground, jumped on it with both feet and the dang thing stayed right where I put it! After a couple of tries and thinking what's going on it finally dawned on me, 40 lbs less jumping on that thing makes a whole lot of difference! Boy, do I have my work cut out for me, Wally may be taking a back seat very soon, doubt I'm going to need him much with the exercise I'll be getting. So how many calories do you burn jumping on a shovel 100 or so times a day?

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Posted: 02 May 2013, 04:55
From page 82:
Myrna Louise wrote:
It's kinda sad that some of the most important people in my last 4 months have disappeared. Julie, Linda..etc..where have they all disappeared to?

I'm right here, Myrna! It's so nice to be missed...thank you! Although I haven't been posting lately, I'm here in spirit--and keeping up with you all. Oh, congrats again on the 50 lb loss! You rock!!

A lot of new names over the last couple of months: Brenda, Gina, Almost50nFab, Dialup-- so nice to meet you! Tiffany, I don't think we've met, but welcome back!Very Happy

I have been staying the course, for the most part, but I seem to be stuck. I try to keep my net carbs below 30 on most days, but I'm thinking that my body just likes this weight (137 lbs). My clothes fit, so that's good; but, I just don't like the scale--definitely not my friend.

Tony, I read sometime back where you said that your body will stay in ketosis if you keep your carbs below 40. Was that total carbs or net carbs? And, where did you get that information? I would think that your carbs had to be somewhat lower to remain in ketosis. I absolutely could be wrong, so if you have a book or a link to share, I'd be interested.

It's raining HARD here in Orlando, so it looks like I'm going to have to run my 5 miles on my treadmill. I just hate that. Oh, well. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great low-carb day wherever you are!!

All my best,



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Posted: 02 May 2013, 06:26
Morning everyone, getting ready to hit the gym and give the treadmill a good beating. That sounds violent doesnt it? lol. Have a wonderful Thursday!
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 02 May 2013, 13:34
Julie My Friend! Glad to see your smiling little wet nose poking back in here where its wanted!!! You have truly been missed!!! 50 is a MAGICAL number isn't it??? I still don't see it, but I can feel it in different areas....I guess when the rear end is finally down to a managable size then I'll see it! LOL Smile Someday we'll have to meet in the middle of Orlando/Kissimmee and do lunch...but lets wait another 40 pounds....

SUNKEEPER: That's like how many licks to the center of a tootsie-pop isn't it...the world may never know! LMAO...keep jumping!!! And you would think the ticker would start out being blue....hhhmmmm???

TIFFANY: We havn't met either...welcome back to the assylum!!!Razz

DIALUP: Not too violent...just enough to make GEORGE shudder! You have to talk nice to them or they will buck you off!!!

GINA: Today is day 2 of it my best shot...maybe it'll start working when I get to BLUE!!!??? LOL...And you crack me might want to invest in a whoopie pie tin for the biscuits...they are great for the Oopsie Rolls, so why wouldn't they work for the biscuits???

TONI: Can you send me some of that cheesecake?? I feel if I make it myself I'll eat it all....yum yum

JAIME: Glad you heard from your daughter...We don't know her, but I think we miss her right along beside you! Chin up MOM!!!

If I missed anyone I am sorry, keep up the good work....IT IS SO WORTH IT!! My son put his arms around me the other day and then told me he could touch his fingers on the other side! SMARTA$$!! Evil or Very Mad Cool Wink
[b] [i]270-down to 180 = 90 (11 1/2 Months)

We have chosen a path in the road...sometimes we will hit a bump, trip on a rock, miss a corner, and slam right into a mountain....but if we just back up a little, we can get right back on the path!
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Posted: 02 May 2013, 13:46
Afternooon Everyone!
Gray cloudy skies here, but didn't deter me from my 4 miles! Let it rain, lol!

Glad to see you actually saying something! I, too, wondered where you were Smile About the ketosis thing, I can't do 40 carbs and stay in ketosis. Just doesn't work for me, maybe you either?

Okay, I'll admit it wasn't you who put the ice cream and healthy together... LOL.. but you ate it Smile
'bout the eggs.... when I began Atkins back in 88 I really thought the man's main business must have been chickens. Honestly, I think that was pretty much all I ate was chicken and eggs. Frankly, we simply didn't have the funds for me to purchase many other things at the time. We had lots of mouths to feed besides mine! I do remember carrying boiled eggs to work for lunch almost every day. Back then I drank diet Shasta cola (7 cents a can and a million varieties) so that was a fairly cheap lunch. They almost gave chicken away back then. That was before "boneless skinless" and most markets didn't even cut them. I cooked chicken for dinner 7 days a week... chicken and dumplings, chicken and dressing, chicken stew, chicken pot pie, chicken creole, chicken gumbo, chicken etoufee, chicken salad, chicken and waffles... you see all those carbs huh? LOL. So, basically, I just took my portion of chicken out before I fixed the meal and that was what I ate. It was actually a pretty easy regime to follow! Boring as the devil, but it worked and I wasn't ever hungry, there were always plenty of eggs.

Honestly? the ticker? Give me that rascal I'll give it a nice yankin'!

Your blue sure does keep me grinning! I keep looking at it every day wondering if it's going to go purple or something... LOL AND you are doing PLENTY right. The proof is in the ticker! I've looked in all my books.... can't find "shovel jumping" anywhere, but hey, it's got to be as much, or more than, jumping jacks!!! Girl, I.hate.clay.

I'm here to keep you smiling! You are definitely an inspiration... HEY!!! my blood pressure check for this week was 124/81 pulse 85! See? You're great! I am bound and determined to lose that other 25 pounds BEFORE the Dr. in October... won't he be surprised?

You can't write letters all day. Tell us where you are on that "keeping up with the Kid" thing.

Where are you girl?

I'm trying to find that ketosis info for nutritional ketosis, do you remember where it was?

Sorry, we've not met. I'm Gina, Nice to meet you. Sorry to see you got a litte out of control there. Life is not easy. Glad to see you with the desire to jump back in!

Anyone I missed, it was not intentional, however, there are 389 people in this group. Time for the lurkers to weigh-in Smile
Okay everybody, the days flying by! Get to moving and shaking. Remember you are NOT where you were 10 years ago and you are NOT where you will be in 10 years. TODAY is your day, the only one you can exercise any control over. So...believe in yourself, step up, step out, take charge of yourself. PROVE you are worth it!
"Nothing happens in this life that cannot be fixed, forgotten or forgiven." Gina

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Posted: 02 May 2013, 13:56
Today is day 4 of being back on plan for me. I'm finally beginning to feel back to my normally happy healthy self. The weight is beginning to drop again and Ketones are registering again. This time I will NOT destroy myself with that evil stuff. The kid who is just shy of under weight can have all of those carbs to himself. I'll keep the meat, cheese, veggies, and eggs (and anything else low carb Phase 1 friendly) to myself. I did manage to get off my behind and get outside today for a while. A very inspiring "young" lady stopped by to visit today and reminded me of some very valuable things. She's 77 years old and was out walking the full distance that I was. Her tip was to eat the healthy stuff and most importantly--keep moving.

Myrna— The naked salad thing is still partially mind boggling to me only because I do not really like the taste of salad. I eat it often but only because I know I need to. CHEERS to you for being so brave and eating it without any dressing. I hadn’t considered the smaller plate option- this is next on my list of things to do. HIDE THE BIG PLATES. And as I’m preparing to move, I’ll be purchasing a full dining set with smaller plates and eliminating the large plates all together. So glad that Hubba is joining in on the action too. It seems to be much easier when everyone is on board instead of having to cater to the one who isn’t (or if you’re the only one having to do something separate from the rest of the group).

Jaime—CONGRATS to hubby for getting his A1c down!!! Maybe now he’ll be much more determined to stay on plan. I know you had a really hard time convincing him to even try it at first. Glad to hear things are going a bit better.

Dialup—Good job to you for being a diabetic in complete remission. It takes lots of dedication to be able to completely control diabetes with diet and no meds! Congrats on another 1lb down!

PDXmom—I’m going to search for a recipe for the individual quiches today! That sounds like a win/win situation for me. Something that I can grab and take with me on the way out the door is always a great idea. I’m also headed to walmart today and will be picking up a couple more of those bowls just to have as a safety. Dang I hope I don’t discover that they’re making me stall. (I cant tell this week due to TOM.) I have to agree with others about those darn scales. Set one day a week to weigh and hide them the rest of the week. ---OR--- If you’re like me and think you’re just going to die without looking, narrow it down to one specific time of day ( I do first thing in the morning before I eat/drink anything or get dressed) and stick to that time only and then stay away the rest of the day. Those scales are evil!!! They flux so much during the day and even from day to day. Measure weekly or every two weeks and watch the changes.

Dorothy—My homie! I have missed you so. I am so very glad that your willpower is whipped back under control and you’re able to stay strict on induction. I’m so happy to have you back (and for me to be back). I completely understand getting tired of eggs and bacon for breakfast. I unfortunately have accumulated almost 4 dozen eggs in my refrigerator and am going to have to find something to do with them QUICK….I think tomorrow will be a cooking day—boiled eggs, quiche, egg salad…about any way you can think to fix some eggs. LOL

Sunkeeper---That’s wonderful!! I’m so glad that you’re able to feel that good and have that much energy and stamina. I had a startling experience yesterday that smacked me right back to reality. The doctor ran out of space on his little tiny flash drive to be able to store all of the patient records successfully. So, he asked me to walk to the store and purchase a new flash drive. I said—it’ll be quicker if I drive. And he responded that it was his job to promote health and it wouldn’t kill me to walk down to the store and back (about a ½ mile each way). Little did I know—I AM OUT OF SHAPE! I was beyond ready to be back in the office sitting on my behind by the time I got back there. So today I started getting my butt outside more and walking the fences etc. If I can’t walk 1 mile at age 25 I won’t be able to walk 1 step at age 30 unless I get my behind up and moving—so that’s what I’m going to try to do…get up and move. Congrats on 3 weeks of BLUE--though I have to agree with you..Green or something would have been better suited for goal weight.

Gina—Those cream cheese clouds I have to divide up into different bags and put one in the freezer that I often access and the rest into the deep freeze where I have to work to get to them. They too are my undoing if I’m not super careful about them. But it stops my sweet cravings. As for the jello issue….I never even thought about that!!! Did it turn out good? If so I’ll try it and see if I can swap over too. I’m trying to limit my aspartame as I use the water flavor packets one or two times a day too to help increase fluid intake.

Toni- Girl! You’re exhausting me and all I’m doing is reading about your super busy week.

TIFFANY –SO glad to see you back! I’m glad things have started leveling out. Don’t stress about being back where you started. Set your mind to get back where you were before life took you on a roller coaster. You did it once and you can for sure do it again!! Snow in May!?! I think I’d be packing my bags and heading South LOL

Julie—Good to see you back. Have a happy healthy low carb day!

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

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