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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 19:44
Hello to the Low Carb Daily check in Group -
I'm just joining - and want to thank you all for taking the time to post recipes. I found you all by hunting for references to Fat Fast related to the Atkins diet. I've been doing Atkins since the middle of Jan, S_L_O_W_L_Y lost from 269 - 258, then the very next day went back up to 259, then 260, then 261, and 262. Stopped recording weights for a while out of desperation!! Looking carefully at what I've been doing, I've concluded that my total calorie counts have been too high - I remembering doing Atkins in 1989 (wow - that's about 24 years ago!!! - I actually went to see THE Dr. Atkins in NY at the time) and I didn't have to worry about calories at all. Well, I must face the fact that things have changed. Now - I think I want to try to kick things around by doing the Fat Fast for 5 days or so, and then resume Induction phase - only make an effort this time to keep total carbs, not just net carbs, under 20. And your posts above have reminded me that I haven't been drinking enough water.
I thought I saw some references once before to links for more info on the Fat Fast, but I can't seem to find them now. Can anyone help?
By the way - I always like to sort of mentally "Place" people when I talk to them - what states do you all live in? Are some of you in Europe ? Some of the posts gave me that impression. I live in Virginia, work at a hospital as the Hospital Chaplain. My work days are usually between 10 - 12 hours - but I am committed to doing this - taking time at night to prepare my food for the next day. As I say - I've been doing it for almost 2 months now. Despite my disappointing results, one thing I have gained is this - new respect for myself because I have stuck to a plan for my eating, I have been able to say NO to my cravings, and I haven't done that now since abut 1989. so I'm not going to give up - I just need to discover what adjustments are necessary. I'll try to log on at night for my daily check ins. I'm glad you guys are here - it's already helped encourage me just to read your posts. -thanks - Robin

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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 19:45
Thanks Atriel, KandyKiddo and Sunkeeper for the kind words and support. On plan so far today but going out for dinner and dancing tonight. Iced tea, not wine for me. And no sweet potato fries. So shall it be.

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 20:32
Hello rchap112.
I am still a newbie too, welcome to the group! I live in California and work as an accountant for an equipment manufacturing company. I agree, mentally placing people make it feel like you know them a little bit. Good job on saying no to your cravings, that is always tough. As far as carbs, I have been eating 20-25 total carbs a day and have had great success. I hope you do too.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2013, 20:57
KandyKiddo20 -
Thanks for the welcome. Sunny California, huh? Nice!! Your comment supports what I am thinking - eating 20 -25 NET carbs - what the new Atkins plans suggests - is just too high for me. You've had great succes - wow - congratulations - that must feel really good. I hope I can say the same soon.
Thanks for the encouragement - Robin

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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 04:10
Hi, Robin (rchap112), and welcome to the group! You've certainly come to the right place.

I'm Julie, and I live in Orlando, Florida. It's pretty sunny here, but it has been rather cold lately...way too cold for this time of year.

The thread for the fat fast is kind of hard to find because it's imbedded deep in our "group forum", but you can find it by clicking on this link: Fat Fast. You'll find a lot of good information there, I'm sure. It sounds like you already know the in's and out's of Atkins, but if you'd like a refresher go here: Low Carb Basics.

Well, I hope that helps! Again, welcome!Smile



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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 04:16
Myrna Louise wrote: of the snot noses brought a cold home to share...

Myrna- I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, but I can't help it--this made me giggle! ("snot noses"Laughing )

Feel better soon, my friend!


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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 05:29
It's the weekend! Everyone have exciting plans? First and foremost, stay the coarse, summer is coming and we all want to look just fabulous when the heavy winter coats come off.

Welcome rchap112, have a look around to get familiar with the different threads, they will help immensely, so many knowledgeable people here with lots of experience. Atkins has changed a great deal since way back when, calories are a part of it all now and make a big difference.

Poor Myrna, sold the brats and now she gets snot noses. See, you should have stayed with brats, at least they don't have bugs or they weren't reported to have anyway. Feel better friend, I'm sure they didn't mean to make you sick.

Rowan, good for you in your resolve to forgo the sweet potato fries, you'll be happy this morning you did. Hope you got some sleep last night.

It sure is quiet around here lately, where are Mokakiss, BBD5, Lyncarol, Darri, Angie, and the rest of them? Have they found another party we're not invited to? Horrors, nooooooo. Hope they are all found soon, don't want to have to file missing persons reports on so many. Rachel was the only one that brought a note in. Guess Angie hasn't had access to a puter. Tis sad, I miss them all.

Got up this morning and am really retaining water, now that hasn't happened in a long time. These slightly warmer temps bring that on already or was it the mini dill pickles with all the sodium I ate last night? What ever the reason I want it to stop, could hardly close my hands or move my rings around, brings back memories of days gone by that I'd rather leave behind. Dang nab it, I love dill pickles but that sodium is such a kicker.

Hope you all have big plans for this weekend less a hour. Spring will soon be in full force, great excuse to exercise to get in shape for the work ahead. Wally won't like that I have other friends to keep me busy for months but I sure will. First we have to melt off this mounds of white stuff.
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 06:42
Good Morning! I think I am feeling better...I'll know for sure the longer I am up...Thanks Julie, Sunkeeper...

Welcome to all the Newbies, and to Robin, watch your typing everyone...CHAPLAIN in the house!Wink Glad to have youExclamation

Robin, I live in St.Cloud, Florida. I have 2 adopted twin boys, who are my pride, joy, craziness, and confussion! Couldn't live without them! Here's the story...

I was going to a community college and I met this woman and we became close friends....she was on her 3rd pregnancy and I was doing invitro...anyway, we graduated, and she moved away and we lost touch...a couple years went by and I got a phone call from her saying she was pregnant..I congratulated her, but she said no congratulations were necessary as they were mine...she said she couldn't keep them, and she knew I would make a great mother! She sees them at least once a year and says she has no regrets! Truly the best gift I ever receivedExclamation Exclamation Exclamation

I wish I could video tape the moment I figure out a new body change...I was so happy when I noticed my chin was actually narrower than I remembered, I almost cried when I noticed the back boobies are gone,but I about got up and danced when I realized my shoulders are thinner...I don't look like a linebacker for the 49ers anymore!Very Happy

I've rattled guys are right...It has been awfully qiet lately....You all better pipe up or I'll be forced to tell you more boring stories!

Going to go do some housework till my energy drains...then I'll take a nap! Have a great low carb day my friends!

[b] [i]270-down to 180 = 90 (11 1/2 Months)

We have chosen a path in the road...sometimes we will hit a bump, trip on a rock, miss a corner, and slam right into a mountain....but if we just back up a little, we can get right back on the path!

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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 07:04
Hello rchap112 and welcome to the group! It's a bit quiet around here right now but this is unusual for this group as we are usually chattering away about just about everything under the sun.
I am a former military brat that has lived pretty much all up and down the East Coast. I spent my formative years in South Carolina and went to college in Boston. I now live in Kansas. It's been an adjustment but it's been good. I have a 15 (almost 16) year old daughter who is technically my step-daughter - but honestly, this kid is the daughter of my heart and as her biological mother isn't in the picture anymore, the girl belongs to me.

Myrna - I love the stories about your kids! And I'm starting to notice the changes in my body shape too. My engagement ring is sliding on my finger and I was surprised to see how small my wrists are getting. I know that sounds weird but I noticed it last night. I'm only 5'1 and half Asian. I used to be small all over until a career change and a knee injury happened and then the weight just started creeping on. I'm really excited to be losing weight and seeing the changes that I've workedso hard for. As of yesterday, I am no longer obese. Now I'm just overweight. It sounds funny to say this but ... I've never been so happy to be overweight before.

Thanks Julie for hooking Robin up with the Fat Fast thread. Our new refrigerator gets delivered on Monday. It's the last major appliance that we have to replace. We replaced the dishwasher the year that we bought the house, bought a new HE washer and dryer the second year, and last year, we bought a new gas stove. I'm a foodie and love cooking so the kitchen appliances have been the things that I've been crazy excited about.

I am on Day 3 of my Fat Fast and it's going well. I'm past the Wanting To Kill Everyone stage and I have survived Girl Scout cookies and a late night McDonald's run that my daughter, her boyfriend and my fiancee did last night. Although, I did warn them all that if anyone got french fries, I'd probably punch them all in the head. Like Jaime, I am a self-confessed potato whore and really have a hard time controlling myself with them. So, I'm inordinately proud of the fact that I didn't indulge at all.

Haircuts today and shoe shopping. Yay!
I hope everyone is well!
- Toni

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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 20:10
Welcome Robin - I am in PA, near Valley Forge. I have a day care with about 36 children. I'm there every day usually until close at 6 pm. My mother (vascular dimentia)and my mother-in-law(alzheimers) live with me and my husband. We do have caretakers that come in daily to assist, weekends are much harder. My grand daughter, her boyfriend and my new great grandson are staying with us until they get back on their feet. Full House! Shock

Rowanfair enjoy your night out. I know you will be ok. Wink

Sunkeeper those pickles get me every time too but they are soo good. I really like the splenda bread and butter pickles - no sugar, yeah! Rolling Eyes

Myrna I like your stories, you can rattle on anytime. What a great story about your boys. It made me smile from ear to ear. Very Happy

Toni - I'm starting back on fat fast also - the right way this time. I want to see my scale move. Enjoy your new refrigerator. Surprised

I just finished ordering groceries on line - Shop Rite delivers, although I do miss the peace and quit of going to the store.
It's only 9 pm, but everyone is in their rooms, so it's now my down time. Thank goodness. Good night all! Smile
Ra Ra

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Posted: 09 Mar 2013, 23:31
Hello to everyone, although not new to FS, I am new to the low carb idea. I've been really watching calories over the last 3 months with no results according to the scales. After some research, I believe my issues are too much sugar and carbs. Soo - here I am.
Still trying to figure out the low carb eating and hoping I can get some expert advise from this group. It seems like some of you really have it figured out and really want to help others do the same.
I'm a 46 year old mother 2 wonderful young men (21 and 17). Married for 12 years to a man I truly love (he's also on board with getting healthy). I currently work 12 hour shift at the Sheriff's Department (that would be 6pm til 6am) This makes it difficult to be on any kind of normal schedule for eating and working out.
I am very determined to get this figured out. I quit smoking 2 months ago after 20 years. If I can do that, I know I can work to get to a healthy and strong body. I'm motivated !!
Nothing taste as good as strong and healthy feels !

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 00:50
Welcome to all the new members of the group Smile and hello to all of the "old-timers" lol So happy to see that you're all still here!

Just checking in to say that I'm alive and well. Well, not really "well", but alive, at least. Seems I've come down with something. I may have mentioned that in my last post, don't remember lol.

My lack of computer access has been solved. Yay! But as of last Thursday, I was volunteered, without my "okay", to help my daughter babysit my niece's kids for 11 days Confused They are 1 and 3 and have never been away from their mom before for this length of time, and my daughter has never babysat before. So you can imagine how things are over here lol. They're good kids, though, so that's a plus.

I was reading over the recent posts and saw where FaithfulJewel was asking about snack ideas. I'm not sure what kind of eating plan you're following (your profile says "Atkins, Induction Phase", but your food log doesn't reflect the same), but here is a list of meal and snack ideas that are good for Induction. Might give you some ideas Smile

Induction Phase Meal & Snack Ideas

I also saw where Rdrunr was asking for an explanation about why the pie chart at the bottom of the food log and the numbers listed at the top of the food log aren't the same. The numbers shown in the pie chart for protein, fat, and carbs, are actually your percentages of calories from each one. Both protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, while fat has 9. The numbers shown at the top of each entry are the actual grams you ate of each one. So, if you had 1500 calories and 50 grams of fat, 450 of your calories came from fat, so the percentage for fat in the pie chart would be 30% (450 divided by 1500 = .3, or 30%). Hope that helps!

As for me, things are going well. I've upped my water intake back to what it should be and I can certainly tell the difference. Still eating loads of veggies Smile I think that's one thing that many people forget to do. It really is important, folks! So, if you're in the Induction Phase, be sure you're getting 12-15 net grams of your carbs from those green, leafy veggies!

Robin, I'm a 44 year old mom of twin girls who will be 15 next month. We live in the middle of nowhere in northwest Texas. Been divorced for 13 years. I'm also a 12 year Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor (Yay! Very Happy ) but due to side effects from the chemo and the damage to my lymph nodes from the cancer, I'm unable to hold down a steady job, so we live with my mom and step-dad. Not the ideal set-up lol, but it has it's good points. I've been overweight since I was about 10 and have tried every "diet" there is. I've made eating low-carb a way of life, and have been pleasantly rewarded with a new body and a new view of myself. I look forward to helping you along in any way that I can. You'll find lots of support here Smile

I'll check back in when I can. Oh, and I plan on weighing in and measuring this Monday, sick or not lol. Might be down in the 150's! My size 12 skinny jeans are getting more loose in the waist! Whoop Whoop! Very Happy
"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Reed

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 07:16
Good Sun, albeit 1 hr less of it, to everyone. Spring is in the air, can you feel a bit more bounce in your step?

Hi Ra Ra and welcome to the Low Carb group. Lots of people here will help guide you along the journey, it's not nearly as hard as some like to make it. Ask questions, your bound to get answers from people who have been there.

Good to see you back Angie, hope your feeling better soon. Lots seem to have come down with a bug lately but please don't feel you must share, we're ok without it.

Toni, tomorrow the fridge, yea. Think of all the great things you'll be able to store now and be ready to grab to cook up some delicious things once your done the fat fast.

I appear to be floating around the same for the past week, need to step it up a notch and get back to a more level approach I think. The train seems to be hanging around the station just a bit to long for my liking, need to get the shovel out and put more coal on the fire.

Was really ticked last night, went to a family party, family I said, people who have known me for ever and not 1 person mentioned wow, you look great, where'd the rest of you go? Now I've lost about 25 lbs or so since I last saw the group of them in Nov. Are they blind? I showed up in my new size 12 pants, white shirt, tucked in I might add, and nothing, not one word from the lot of them. Anybody got more observant family members they'd like to share about now especially when I'm at a stalling point and a lowly compliment would have been so helpful.

Oh well, I know I can tuck my shirt in now and not have more hanging over the belt than is in it. If they can't see it I'll make them all eye appointments, appears they could use it.

I hope it's a tuck your shirt in kind of day for you all, stay with the program, we feel better about ourselves and don't need others to notice. Someday they'll all be saying, "how'd you do it?" I'll be telling them, with the help of my friends.
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 08:17
Good Morning....

Sunkeeper: Your family didn't say anything because they are jealous of how fab you look! You've gotten so skinny I can't see you thru the computer! lol....keep up the great work!

Welcome RaRa and any other newbies,feel free to look ar my food's not perfect, but I am losing!

Way to go Angie...150...I last saw that when I was a teenage....Embarassed

Toni: Hope you find wonderful LC things to put in the new fridge...and since you live in Kansas...maybe you can help me out...Have you seen my sister? You'll recognize her, she is the one with the house on her!!! LOL...just kidding!!

Everyone have a great day...still not feeling too perky...might go back to bed!
[b] [i]270-down to 180 = 90 (11 1/2 Months)

We have chosen a path in the road...sometimes we will hit a bump, trip on a rock, miss a corner, and slam right into a mountain....but if we just back up a little, we can get right back on the path!

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 08:26
Myrna, your probably right! There are a few of them that could definitely benefit from Low Carb Living!

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 08:50
Good morning all. Just checking in. Busy day learning how to be a foster parent yesterday. Counting anything kinda went out the window. I'll be taking my lunch to the next class. I just tried to eat what I knew was good and keep my portions reasonable. Stpierre, I'm not sure why your ticker is not working, but great weight loss!

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 11:27
Good Morning Group, I'm just checkin in this morning. Today I have lots of cooking and prepping for the week, defiantly helps keep me on track. We have beautiful sunny weather today, going to get outside to get some yard work done.
Keep up the good work everyone!!

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 12:08
Angie - thanks for clearing that up for me. When I'm done with my fat fast, I should make sure the top number does not go over 20 carbs, correct? Then if I want to keep my % at 80% fat, should I check the pie chart? I hope this is correct. I haven't loss much weight, apparently I was not eating enough fat. Sounds weird but when I eat more fat I start losing. As soon as I eat what I think is normal, I gain, even with out carbs.

RaRa - welcome! I've been on here a little while and everyone is helpful. I'm still trying to adjust my eating to get better results.

Sunkeeper - you can't pick your family, sometimes disappointing. But, I'm sure they noticed, even if they didn't have the grace to tell you so.

Myrna - hope you feel better soon. Something seems to be going around, rest should help.

Dialup - congrats on being a foster parent. There are plenty of children that need a good person to take care of them.

Today, is my first fat fast day. I hope I have the ability to do it for 7 to 10 days like Toni. Wish me luck.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 15:08
Thanks for the well wishes, Sunkeeper Smile My immediate family has always been very good at telling me how "skinny" I'm getting, but in my case, it was my friends that simply refused to say anything. People I've been friends with for over 20 years. I will say, though, that most of them did finally comment on my loss after I'd lost about 40 pounds, cut my hair and changed my hair color, but there's still one hold-out. I've always considered her to be my "best" friend, so that one pains me. But oh well. I have to do this for me, and because it's what I want, whether or not anyone notices. I notice, and I feel very good about myself now, and that's what really matters. Give them time to get over whatever it is that's holding them back from commenting. Jealousy, envy, or their own guilt because your loss reminds them that they should be doing something about their own health, yet they aren't. As with anything else, change is hard, and it's easier just to ignore the fact that something needs to be done than it is to be honest with themselves and do what needs to be done. Seeing you getting skinny is a constant reminder to them. Sad though that people can't put their own issues aside and just be happy for you. I know how that feels. Hang in there, you're doing awesome Smile

Thank you, MyrnaSmile I haven't been below 160 in my adult life. I think I weighed about 145-150 when I was 15 Shock lol

Good morning (now afternoon here lol), dialup Smile Kudos to your for becoming a foster parent. My mom was also a foster parent when I was growing up. It's not an easy task, but it's very rewarding. We actually keep in contact with a couple of the kids we fostered now.

And good morning to you, too, Jill Smile Planning ahead is really a very important tool for success. Even after 7 months, I know that if I don't have "my" food on-hand, I'll be so very tempted to eat something that I know might jerk me back into bad eating habits. Before you know it, eating this way will become a habit.

Rdrunr, you're very welcome Smile and yes, keep your net carbs at or slightly below 20, and check your daily percentages of fat using the pie chart Smile

I actually looked at your food log for March and I'd like to make some suggestions as to maybe way you're not losing much.

Out of those 10 days, you went over 20 net carbs on 5 days, so I'm not sure you're staying at or under 20 consistently enough for your body to be in Ketosis. Try doing that for 2 weeks and you'll definitely see results Smile

If you're trying to follow the Induction Phase, you should cut out the foods that aren't allowed, like peanut butter, marshmallow dip, and recipes for low-carb sweet foods. Try eating more natural things. Also, you should be eating a lot more green, leafy veggies. Those do have carbs, but you can easily get the recommended 12-15 net carbs from those, and still have room for the allowed 4 oz. of cheese (except cottage cheese and ricotta), one ounce of sour cream (or 2-3 tbsp. of cream), and half of an avocado, which is a "good" fat and very good for you Smile

Here are some links that might be helpful:

How To Do Induction Right (I agree with all of this, except for #8. The sugar-free foods, and Atkins shakes and bars do cause most people to stall and sometimes gain.)

What Are Foundation Vegetables

What You Can Eat In Phase 1

If you have moved on past Phase 1, you may have done so too soon. Try going back to strict Induction and see what happens Smile I've been on Induction for 7 months, and while I was very strict about it, I was losing about 10 pounds a month.

Also, your sodium intake is rather high on several days, so be sure you're drinking plenty of water to keep from retaining fluid.

Hope you don't mind the suggestions Smile Much luck to you!
"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Reed

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Posted: 10 Mar 2013, 15:28
Haven't managed to read the 10 (yes all 10) pages that I haven't been able to keep up with this week. But just wanted to say hello and keep at it everyone! I'm still hanging in there...just extreme chaos around the house at the moment so haven't been online to chat/log etc.
Hope everyone had a happy healthy low carb weekend and looking forward to another great week.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs