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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 11:40
Whoppie, it's Friday, hope your all having a good day.

Julie, I've been doing the couch to 5K which must be similar to what Jaime has. I seem to have way more energy too like Toni. I'm not running 5 miles yet but I could I'm sure.

Jaime, have you got the treadmill version of the couch to 10K, or maybe there might not be one of those. Couch to 5K has a couple different ones that you can print off and just stick right on the wall which I find pretty handy. It is different than the outside version of the 5K, don't know about a 10K one. If you just google couch 10K you get a few different versions of it. Won't be running (or walking) outside here for a while yet with the snow that's piled up here.

Dorothy, you sound like someone has beat you down, is it time for you to start beating back at them? The days are so hectic trying to look after a family and yourself, it does sometimes get to you I know. The biggest problem with that is of coarse, if you let them, they win and you lose, not weight though, motivation to be a better you and show them they can't get to you might be what really bugs them rather than you. You go girl, show them who's boss here. We're all standing right behind you should you need a shove or just a nudge more than likely is what's going to get the job done.

Myrna, did you give the buyer a money back guarantee on the kids? Hope you thought this one out really well prior to the deal! At the age your boys are it seems like they'll never grow up and move away and next week you'll be sitting wondering where did the time go, they haven't been home for weeks now, I want to see them. I sure do remember though that I never thought the day would come they'd leave but they do and then you really miss them. Glad you got yourself some new toys to play with and this time get a piece of the pizza!

Welcome back niv, it does take a long time to lose what it took a long time to gain. Patience isn't something a person starting a diet has, a lot of in most cases but you learn it as you go. If your kind to yourself during the process it makes it easier. Set goals and rewards (but not food rewards of coarse). Something just for you that you wouldn't normally get yourself or do for yourself. Manicure, new jeans, a walk around a place you've always wanted to go. So many things you can do to perk yourself up for a job well done. Your goals could be as little as 5 lbs or what ever you feel is good.

Banathallah your going to be sorry down the road if you don't start eating, eat girl eat! Your body is changing, it needs to learn all these new things and you have to train it to do that. If your really not hungry then just make a nice salad with some veggies or celery and cream cheese, doesn't have to be a big meal but you should be feeding yourself at least 3 meals a day with a snack or 2 also.

Toni, what great news, congrats on the new distributor. You really are going to have to think about hiring someone soon. So have you asked Myrna who she sold the twins too? Maybe they'd like a teenager to look after the boys while they go out now and again.

Was looking at different pizza recipes but not sure I'm in to the regular Fri pizza tonight. I think it just might be a chicken wing night. How's that for throwing myself for a loop?

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 12:30
Myrna Like you I like to get my spices from the dollar tree or big lots.

Julie I am coming down with first it was stuffy nose but now some infection and some coughing. I found some amoxycillin that I took the last time I was sick and am taking it to hopefully knock it out. However, unless I can get this cough out I will not do my day of Couch to 10k today.....I will still walk though!

niv Thanks so much for the tip on the coconut milk!

MusicGirl Congrats on the loss! You are so right about the fat in the coffee. I try to have my breakfast before my coffee and then later have my coffee. I know it will tie me over for a very long time. Sometimes I will have a decaf at night with it too when I am feeling like I want a snack and need to get my fat up.

Banathallah Could be the fat curbing your appetite.

Toni That is amazing news about your perfume line!! I am so excited for you; what a great new chapter to your business! With the 15 y/o - been there done that, and know your pain! Kudos for you though because tough love is the best love to give our kids and a lot of times it is the love that they get the least.

Sunkeeper Congrats on the Couch to 5k...maybe I should have started! Now I am feeling so yucky and hoping that tomorrow I can make up for the day that I will miss today.

The only version of Couch to 10k that I have is an app and I turn it on and it tells me when to walk and when to run. Basically it is a warm up and then run for 1 minute and walk for 1-1/2 minutes and alternate the run walk. At least this week. Snow is melting here but still icy in areas so no outside for me.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

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Mini goal 212's by Dec -met 12/31/2012 Mini goal: 207's end of Jan- met 01/31/2013 Mini goal: 197's by end of Feb - met 02/27/2013
re-start grrr Mini goal: 197's by 09/19/2013
I have to restart again as I slipped. I am leaving the above so I can keep track. It happens and I have to keep learning. restart at 227 on 07/20/2017.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 16:49
Hello again. Thanks for the welcomes and thanks for the help!

Having hunger pangs today and, being the day off work, I could snack as much as I wanted. To when I went to the fridge, I realised just how understocked on diet-friendly snack items I am.

Other than pre-boiled eggs and little chicken bites, anyone have any suggestions? Obviously don't want to go hungry to avoid the starvation mode but don't really want to splurge either.

And thanks for the help with the deficit thing Smile As a guideline I can try and work out how it'll work for me now

Hope you've all had a good day and see you again tomorrow <3

Starting weight (27.02.13) : 116.8kg/258lbs
1st Goal Weight (19.06.13) : 100kg/220lbs
2nd Goal Weight (30.10.13) : 85kg/187lbs
Final Goal Weight (26.02.14) : 75kg/165lbs

Current Weight (13.03.13) : 114.1kg/252lbs
Total left to lose: 39.1kg/87lbs

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 19:46
I did it!!!!!!!!!!! Resisted all the urges!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 19:47
YAYYYYYYYY ROCKMELA Way to go!!!!! So proud of you!

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 04:15
Sorry, I didnt get to check in yesterday. It was another super busy Friday. It always harder to count when your eating out, but i managed to do better this week than last. I think the secret is lean meats and lots of exercise. Gonna try not to weigh again for another 5 days (getting bathroom scale OCD again) LOL. OMG does 190 feel good! Everyone seems to be doing great! Hang in there u guys! Seeya tomorrow.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 06:31
LOL dialup, I think we should rename the group OCD Scalers! We all seem to have that addiction.

So it's the weekend again and I'm certainly hoping no one has plans to sway the coarse as your really only cheating yourself if you do. You could of coarse confess to us all at which time we'll tell you to do better and not let it bother you that you slipped but if you plan it is it a slip really or just stupidity? Wow, that's telling it like it is!

I'm hoping all my friends at FS treat themselves with the respect they'd expect others to treat them with. Be nice to yourselves, go the extra mile to do better and be proud of your accomplishments. Even if those scales do make you mad look in the mirror and see the beautiful person standing looking at you. Love that person, show them that their best friend will do EVERYTHING in their power to be healthier, happier and better in control of the life ahead. As so many say, you can't look back, that's done and over, look ahead and BE the person you strive to be!

There isn't a gremlin out there big enough to convince my friends it's worth going off the path. Nope, not going to happen, is it?

Have a great Sat, spring and summer are coming quick, will you need a new wardrobe for them? A much smaller wardrobe? Way way smaller?

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 08:04
Yep, we should throw those scales away because they don't always reflect the work that is done.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 11:41
So lost one pound! 197.4.....happy that I lost, but wished it was more than one pound. Having a bit of cheat day (a personal decision that not all people do). Then Sunday my ratios will be 75% protein, 5 % carb and 20% fat. FIngers crossed. We leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday so i am nervous about travel and food. If you have any tips for travellibng and not gaining tonnes, please share with me!!!!!! Happy Weekend!!

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 13:05
Rockmela wrote:
Then Sunday my ratios will be 75% protein, 5 % carb and 20% fat. FIngers crossed.

Why have you decided to eat 75% protein in one day? That's a huge amount of protein and not much energy calories.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 14:22
It's the programme I am on. It's not Atkins. Every two weeks the ratios change to help detox body!!!

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 18:27
Lord have mercy! Am I ever behind on here! LOL! Hello and welcome to all the new members of the group! Never be afraid to ask questions. It's the only way that we can learn Very Happy

I saw where someone was asking about watching other things besides carbs; like calories, fat, sodium, etc. I started out only watching my carbs, but early on, when some issues arose, I began to watch my calories, fiber and sodium. There was a time, too, when I obsessed over the percentages of fat and protein. But it seems that once I started eating tons of veggies, all my numbers looks pretty good on a daily basis. I'm still having trouble eating enough calories without making myself eat more, and there are some days that I do go over on them, but it's not something I obsess over like I did in the past. I've also found that I don't really need tons of fat to keep myself feeling full. I really don't have much of an appetite. My tummy will growl on occasion, but not very often. I'm pretty sure that someone else mentioned that being in ketosis has that effect on some people. I guess I'm one of them.

Everything is good with me. My weight loss is slowing down a lot, but I think that's normal when you start getting close to goal. I also think that after a period of time, you have adapted to eating this way and have simply made it a part of your life. I'm actually, surprisingly, eating to live now instead of living to eat Smile It won't be long until I am in the "Maintenance" phase, so it's nice to see that I can maintain and still have a small loss. I think I only lost 3 pounds in February, but I'm still losing inches all over. Eating this way is so normal to me now that I don't even think about weighing anymore. If it weren't for the weigh-in requirement for the Challenge I'm in, I'd only weigh once every two weeks, like I was before.

I was laying in bed last night thinking. I usually hate when I do that, but I had an amusing thought. The wind was blowing pretty hard outside and it made me think back to the times when I would worry about which direction the wind was blowing. Sounds strange, I know, but I knew that if I had to go somewhere, and the wind was blowing towards my front, it would make my shirt be plastered against me and all my fat gut would show! LOLOL! I don't even think about the wind anymore. My new shirts are really fitting and there IS no fat gut anymore Very Happy Isn't it funny how we worry about things like that?

My mother has decided in the past week to let me help her watch her calories. Low-carb/Atkins isn't a way of eating that she could maintain forever because she hates vegetables, so I suggested that she watch her calories. She's forever complaining about her weight, and she weighs once a day, if not more. Just about every weigh-in is followed by a barrage of "Why did I gain a pound since yesterday?? I didn't even eat that much!!" etc., etc. I've heard this all of my life lol. I told her that she's probably eating more than what she thinks or she may not be eating enough in order to lose, at which time she looked at me as if I'd lost my ever-lovin' mind haha. So I told her to just humor me and start writing down everything she eats. I made an account for her here on FatSecret and I've been logging her food for her. To her surprise, 2 out of 3 days, she went over her RDI for calories by at least 500. She's not the easiest person to deal with when it comes to the whole weight issue, but I'm glad that she's at least trying. Let's just hope I don't lose my mind through it all lolol.

I'm rambling, I know lol. Enough for now. Good luck and continued success to all of you Smile Commit to making this change. Be determined that nothing is going to stop you. Stop finding reasons why you can't do this. Those are just excuses in disguise. Prepare yourself to be patient, because this is an ongoing process that takes time. And always be aware and conscious of every piece of food you put into your mouth. After a while, it'll become a habit and it won't be so hard.

Oh! And drink your water! Very Happy

Edit: As Jamie stated earlier in a post, do feel free to take a look at my daily food logs. You'll find that I do eat the same things every day for the most part, by choice because I'm hooked on the stuff lol. I separate my foods, also. Veggies are under "Snacks", meat is under "Breakfast", fruit (tomatoes, avocados) are under "Lunch", and dairy is under "Dinner". Doing that helps me to make sure I'm eating the recommended 12-15g of net carbs via veggies.
"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Reed

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Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 20:50
Sorry I haven't kept up with everyone. It's been really hectic lately. Daughter and granddaughter sick Thursday & Friday.
Took my mother to the erFriday afternoon, then my great grandson on same day. Baby's fine, mom will be using wheel chair, progressing demensia.
Eventhough I packed food, sitting at the hospital, I still went over RDI's but ratio not too bad.
When I use ratio 70/20/10 my 70 is fat, 20 protein & 10 carbs. Is that right? It seems to be working for me, 1 pound at a time.
When my protein is 12 oz a day, I can't seem to lose.
Luck to all the low carbers. Tomorrows another day.

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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 00:27
Sunday night here just checking in, I promise I will read all the weekends posts tomorrow and reply x to all

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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 06:24
Good morning, everyone! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend...

Jaime- I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well...take it easy on the exercise when you're sick (and don't feel guilty about it--your body probably needs to rest). I hope that you're feeling better today!

Toni- I saw your recipe for buffalo chicken thighs that you posted in the recipe thread...I think I'll try that. Thanks for sharing! (I added a recipe for low-carb meatloaf, but I haven't tried it yet.) Oh, yeah...did I congratulate you on the new account for your perfume line? If not, CONGRATULATIONS!!Very Happy

Myrna- Did you have a chance to try that recipe for ketchup this weekend?

As for me, I am feeling much better--finally have my energy back. I don't think it was diet-related...I think it was from lack of sleep. Now that I'm well-rested, I am ready to hit the ground running! (No pun intended.)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 06:49
Happy Sunday, a week from now we'll be a hour forward, does that mean we'll be ahead of ourselves? Yikes, a hour less to lose those pounds!

I've spent the weekend really concentrating on the numbers as this WOE is far more about the math as Angie says and less about what your really eating. If your good at math it's a breeze, for those of us more challenged it takes longer to catch on. I've really tried to get as close as I can to my RDI while staying really high on fat and low on protein and carbs and it seems to be working. Yahoo. I got such a scare when I popped back up again mid week, DO NOT want to go there again as I spent far to much time on that. Losing the same couple pounds over and over and over again is just not fun or how I want to spend my time.

Julie, if we're going to do meat loaf we really need the ketchup recipe, can't have meat loaf without ketchup, it's just not right. Hope Myrna can find it if she's not been tied up by the boys yet and not able to type.

Angie, good for you helping your Mom with the calorie counting. It's always amazing to "see" what your eating as opposed to what you "think" your eating. Hope this jump starts her, your a good daughter. Love your story of the wind and boy can I relate. I put a top on the other day that I always had to pull forward to keep the buttons from gaping, I didn't have to this time, it fell into place nicely and man that feels good.

Not fun when so many are sick Rdrunr, take care of yourself or you'll be next in the line. Your ratios look good, that's what you aim for give or take a couple numbers here and there, back to the math again. LOL

Have a great day everyone, I'm back to the calculator to see what's on the menu for today.


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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 07:25
Sunkeeper wrote:

If we're going to do meat loaf we really need the ketchup recipe, can't have meat loaf without ketchup, it's just not right.

I couldn't agree more, Sunkeeper!!


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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 07:32
I'm going to try this one: Low Carb Ketchup Recipe. I'll let you know how it goes....


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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 10:01
My replies aren't posting! This is winding me up now.

Starting weight (27.02.13) : 116.8kg/258lbs
1st Goal Weight (19.06.13) : 100kg/220lbs
2nd Goal Weight (30.10.13) : 85kg/187lbs
Final Goal Weight (26.02.14) : 75kg/165lbs

Current Weight (13.03.13) : 114.1kg/252lbs
Total left to lose: 39.1kg/87lbs
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 03 Mar 2013, 12:43
Julie...That is the one I made this morning....I like it! I doubled the batch, and I didb't put as much salt in it as she called for....backing off the sodium!

I hear ya...meatloaf needs ketchup and I have some frozen meatloaf for the I don't have to bake one...though I did make Oopsie rolls this morning and we had "sausage biscuits" the whoopie pie pan makes perfect ones...muffin top tin...not too well...

Off to try and make some peanut butter now!
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